Boost your beard growth with these 10 top tips

Alex Cutler

Congratulations, you got the part!

You’re playing Hadrig in the local community theater's knock-off version of Harry Potter.

The problem is, you promised the directors that your clean-shaven canvas could be transformed into a Hagrid-worthy beard within the month, and you’ve never grown a beard before in your life.

So, what do?

We’ll tell you what do.

First and foremost, growing your beard is going to require a beard growth kit. In this article, we’re going to let you know exactly what should be in that kit, and we’re going to suggest some of the best beard growth kits out there, too.

We’ll also hit you with 10 top tips you need to make the most out of whichever beard kit you go for.

“But, Hadrig, can we find all this in London?”

Probably, but it’s easier to look online.

1. Rest

Makes sense to start with the easiest tip, doesn’t it?

Sleep is necessary for good overall health. It may also help you develop a better beard.

While we’re sleeping, our testosterone levels increase, and the more testosterone there is coursing through our bodies, the faster our beards will grow.

This also implies that we should do all possible to guarantee that we obtain enough sleep every night, as well as to improve the quality of our sleep.

We’ll discuss some of the ways to do this in more detail later, but good habits like eating well and exercising regularly will improve the quality of your sleep and therefore improve the rate of your facial hair growth.


2. Stop Touching Your Beard

There are a few reasons why you may want to touch your beard.

a. It helps you think.

Now, we’re not sure exactly why we feel the need to touch our own beards while we’re pondering the world’s current affairs or which craft ale to try next, but it just seems to help.

This is a placebo effect. If you try thinking without touching your beard, you’ll find that you are perfectly capable of thinking without touching it, too. Minds blown.

b. It's itchy.

Having an itchy beard is one of the most common causes of the need to disturb our beards with our very own mitts.

Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to relieve itching and limit the number of times we need to touch our beards when we aren't grooming them.


We can avoid itching our beards by staying hydrated, applying beard oil, and cleaning our faces with a beard shampoo.

c. You’ve been grooming it properly and cannot help yourself.

If you’re doing everything you’re supposed to do in order to look after your beard properly, it’ll be soft, shiny and irresistible.

This includes using a beard brush, a beard comb, beard oil or a high-quality beard balm, as well as beard wash such as either beard shampoo or a beard leave-in conditioner.

The problem is, the more you’re tempted to touch it, the more you’re going to undo all of your hard work.

The more you touch it, the more stress it comes under and the dirtier your hair follicles and skin underneath can become.

3. Brush Your Beard

Believe it or not - scratch that, just believe it - brushing and combing your beard has more benefits for your beard hairs than just encouraging them in a particular direction and tidying them up.

Using a beard brush exfoliates your skin, aids in the distribution of natural oils through your beard to moisturise it, promotes blood flow to patchy areas, and, as a result, may encourage beard development by allowing more nutrients to reach the follicles.

To see what kind of effects you may expect, you'll have to continue with it for six to eight weeks. When used in conjunction with a natural beard oil applied once or twice per day, you can be certain that you are doing all possible to help your beard thrive.

4. Use Beard Oil Or Beard Balm

As we briefly mentioned before, beard oil and beard balm are great tools for helping soothe the dreaded beard itch.

Every beard growth kit should include at least one of these two products, which are used to hydrate your beard and encourage growth, as well as provide all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to thrive.

Beard oils containing natural and essential oils may improve the look, texture, and condition of your facial hair, as well as alleviate beard itch by hydrating your facial hairs, which would otherwise draw moisture from the skin underneath.

Argan oil, Inca Inchi oil, Almond oil, and Jojoba oil, which can be found in some of the greatest beard products, are what your beard desires more than anything else.

5. Keep Your Skin Clean And Clear

Removing dead skin cells from your face clears a path for your facial follicles and stops a build-up of grime and dirt. This can be done using a beard brush, beard wash, or both

A build-up of dirt in your pores can cause skin irritation, leading to itchiness, and even spots and acne - a few of your beard's biggest enemies, preventing healthy beard growth.

A beard brush can assist exfoliate your pores and remove dead skin, while a beard shampoo will remove oil and debris from the areas where the dead skin was previously present.

6. Keep Hydrated

Drinking water just keeps offering an increasing number of benefits, doesn’t it?

Water consumption and beard growth rate are intimately related since increased hydration levels result in increased blood circulation, which allows nutrients to reach the places that need them most - your beard and moustache.

Hydration also means healthier skin and fewer dead skin cells to have to worry about when you’re washing, brushing and combing.

7. Eat A Balanced Diet

We’re certainly not dietitians - and we could well be hypocrites on this subject - but eating a balanced diet will provide you with all the nutrients you need to grow a full, hearty beard.

If your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to consume the perfect diet for your beard, you could turn to supplements, but they may not be quite as effective as getting the natural stuff from natural sources.


There's some evidence that vitamin D may help to reactivate dormant hair follicles. B vitamins such as B-12, biotin, and niacin may aid to condition and strengthen hair.

8. Exercise Regularly

Exercise can do wonders for the body and mind.

In fact, exercise can have a direct, positive impact on your capacity to grow a beard naturally.

This is because many types of exercise, from weightlifting to competitive sports, elevate testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels in the body, which are important for facial hair development.

Cardio exercise, or even just walking, improves circulation, which aids in the renewal and replenishment of hair and beard follicles, while also delivering those necessary beard growth nutrients to the face.

9. Limit The Bad Habits

You only live once, and it’s important that we enjoy our time as much as we can while we can.

However, if you're having difficulties growing a beard, it's worth considering some of the unhealthy behaviours you're fostering, such as excessive alcohol intake and chain-smoking.

Since alcohol dehydrates the body, nutrients that aid in the growth of your beard will be delayed and less potent. Alcohol also hastens the ageing process, which of course includes hair loss as a symptom.

Because smoking affects blood circulation in the body, you may be inhibiting the growth of your beard if you smoke. Depending on how much you want that huge beard, you may need to make some lifestyle changes. Smoking may also cause your moustache hairs to dry out and get a disgusting yellow-grey colour over time.

10. Love Your Beard

Whether you’ve got a bit of a patchy beard, a fuller beard, a thinner beard or a thicker beard, it’s important that you do everything you can to look after and love your beard.

Providing you’re doing everything you can to support the growth of your beard, including using a beard brush, beard oil, beard wash, maybe even a beard growth supplement or two and a beard roller to encourage blood flow, you should be proud of what you’ve developed.


Do Beard Growth Kits Work?

Beard growth kits come featuring a number of products these days that each serve a particular purpose.

While these beard grooming products certainly cannot alter your DNA, they certainly can assist with the beard growth process - whether that’s growing thicker or faster - through nutrition and conditioning.

So the short answer is yes, beard growth kits do indeed work, but you can’t expect it to do miracle work.

And even if you don’t notice too much difference in terms of growth, you’ll still now have the tools you need in order to groom and maintain your fantastic facial fur.

beard kit

What Beard Growth Kit Works Best?

While there certainly are some very good beard growth kits out there, as well as some very bad ones, it simply isn’t possible to pick out a specific “best beard growth kit”.

Typically you will get what you pay for, but what it comes down to is the specific products your beard hair needs the most, as well as your preferences on particular fragrances and materials.

Beard kits come in all shapes and sizes, featuring very different combinations of beard tools. Most consist of a beard brush, beard comb, beard oil and a beard wash.

Other more expensive options will also offer products like a beard trimmer, beard growth activator serum,