The tale of one bearded man bound by fate…

…And a hatred for bad beard products


The year was 2018, And Summer was kicking into full swing.

The sun was shining. Beer gardens were bustling. But somewhere on the South Coast of England, something was wrong. Alex, bearded hipster and budding writer had a problem. It was dry. It was itchy. And it was following him everywhere he went. It was his beard.

And he’d tried everything to give it the lease of life he needed.
But between overpriced oils with few results to back up their price tags and mass-produced brands too cheap to make a difference, Alex still faced the same struggle.

He knew something had to be done. And he set about doing it.
So he hired a chemist. And a perfumer.
And he tasked them with crafting the best beard oils the world had ever seen. Little did Alex know it, but something big had just happened…

Mission Beard had just been born.

3 years on, and Mission Beard produces a range of renowned, all-natural beard care products, used by thousands of men across the UK.

And it’s been one hell of a ride.

Here’s the journey we’ve been on so far:

June 2018

Alex samples the first MB oil

It leaves his beard fully hydrated, nourishes his skin – and smells INCREDIBLE.
He calls it Underdog.

July 2018

Underdog gets company

Looking to add some choice for the beardsmen of the world, Mission Beard develops two new fragrances:

  • True North, a fresh spin on the traditional woodsy scent
  • El Presidente, a zesty, punchy citrus fragrance, with undertones of masculine cedarwood.
August 2018

Testing, testing…

Full steam ahead. Alex and the Mission Beard Crew fire oils off to a lab for full cosmetics testing.

Hundreds of brands skip this step, but MB’s customers deserve the best, so we weren’t about to be one of them.

November 2018

Passes all around

Our oils pass with flying colours.

And our production team get to work on getting our first ever batch of oil ready for sale.

January 2019

Our oils hit the market

We unleash our range of fairly-priced, uncompromisingly high-quality oils to the market.

And they’re met with a brilliant reception.

July 2019

Underdog hits 50 5* reviews

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January 2020

We plan our beard balm

Off the back of outstanding customer feedback, we branch out into our most requested product, Underdog Beard Balm.

June 2020

The MB Family grows 9,000 strong

We can’t believe it. And we owe it all to you!

July 2020

4 new scents are seen on the horizon…

Our lucky testers have loved them, but we’re keeping our lips sealed. Watch this space!

June 2021

GQ gets in touch

And Underdog, our first ever oil, gets featuredin GQ Magazine.

July 2021

Underdog Beard Balm lands

Highly anticipated and paired perfectly with the oil, Underdog Beard Balm finally hits the market and is available to order.

And we’re just getting started.

We’ve got big plans for the future, and we can’t wait to have you along for the ride. Everything we do is designed to help you rekindle your confidence by growing a bigger, better beard. So, take our products for a spin, and if you have any questions or just want a chat, you know where to find us.

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