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Let it grow, bro.

The boys at Mission Beard have one sole passion – helping dudes like you grab life by the beard. You see, we believe that behind every man there’s a beard mission. And like any mission, there will be obstacles. That’s why we’ve created a place for you to find the latest grooming tips, style trends, and beard care advice. We’re building a community where bearded dudes like yourself can find all the information they’ll ever need. So tell us…

What’s Your Beard Mission?



We were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar… Okay – that’s not true. But we were in a bar. Probably. The story of Mission Beard is a tale of two caffeine-fuelled, bristly-faced (and bloody good-looking) writers from the south coast of England. Love of beards and dissatisfaction with some of the crazy-misleading beard intel on the web led to Alex forming Mission Beard in 2018. Love of regular income led to Sammy joining forces and help him out with some blogging. Sure, the lord works in mysterious ways – but when he puts two well-raised chaps like us in a bar, you know that 99% of the time, there’s going to be a business proposition to follow. Don’t need ten pints of Heineken to figure that out. Well…


It’s been a long road so far, and we’re only just getting started. When you buy one of our products, you don’t just become part of the Mission Beard family, you also become part of our journey.

  • September 2017 - we had an idea.
  • July 2018 - Mission Beard is born.
  • September 2018 - product testing begins.
  • October 2018 - we arrive on social media.
  • November 2018 - website launches.
  • February 2019 - our first oils are created.
  • March 2019 - our Kickstarter campaign starts.
  • June 2019 - we launch our oils to the public.


We don’t mess around with our products – we mean business.
That’s why, when you buy from Mission Beard, you do so knowing:

All-Natural Ingredients

We say no to harmful artificial additives. They’re much cheaper than the natural ones we use, but we’re only interested in giving you the best you can get. All of the ingredients in our beard oils are 100% natural and proven to work wonders for your beard, skin (and the man underneath, too). Learn more about our ingredients here.

Intricately Formulated

We started out years ago making oils in our kitchen out of the pure passion for it, but the oils we sell now are far from amateur. We’ve partnered with some of the UK’s leading cosmetic chemists and essential oil experts to produce products that are intricately formulated.

Our launch range is the result of months of testing and refining to ensure our bearded brothers (that’s you) get nothing but the best.

No Beards were Harmed in
the Making

We don’t test on animals, and that’s final. We just test on beards – and they’ve loved it.

Don’t wait – these are the products your beard was grown for. Place an order now and experience the difference for yourself.