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100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush & Comb Kit

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  • “We put our heart and soul into this sophisticated beard brush set” – Mission Beard Founder
  • “No I’m not giving you a quote for the Beard Brush description” – Mission Beard Founder’s Girlfriend
  • “Far and beyond the best we’ve seen” – International Boar Bristle Beard Brush Confederation
  • “A great brush – I’m actually pretty OK with this” – the Boar (not harmed in making of brush)
  • SERIOUSLY, THOUGH – this brush and comb kit was designed with sweat, blood and tears to exfoliate your skin, soften existing hair and promote healthier, faster beard growth. It’s the brush your mama warned you about, but the product your beard was grown for. Make it happen. Join the MB Family and grab yours now.

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Introducing the Boar Bristle Beard Brush and Comb Kit, brought to you by MISSION BEARD GROOMING CO.

This is more than just a beard brush kit. This is an investment.

A lifelong stake into the resilience of the follicle strength of yourself or your beardy loved one.

A chance to banish dry skin and flaky beardruff from your glorious chin once and for all.

If you’ve ever brushed your beard with a lesser, mass-produced plastic comb featuring tiny ridges, you’ll know that they’re renowned for tugging at whiskers (albeit on a microscopic level).

This causes breakage and brittle beard hair.

On the contrary, Mission Beard’s luxury beard brush and comb set is designed for daily use, in order to stimulate silky soft beard growth.

For perfectly uniform beard oil distribution, work a few drops of Mission Beard’s UNDERDOG Beard Oil (coming soon!) through your beard and brush out with this tip-top beard brush.

No boars were harmed in the making of this brush. Not tested on animals or girlfriends. Only for external use – as if you couldn’t work that out yourself.

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Mission Beard Grooming Co.

6 reviews for 100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush & Comb Kit

  1. Fade

    I’ve not had these tools that long as yet, but I’m pretty convinced (after having several other brands of brushes/combs) these lot know their stuff! I’m enjoying the size of this comb as it’s easy to slide away but not small that it’s easy to break or feels weak. The boar bristled brush and I haven’t had much time together, however I enjoyed last nights brush-before-bed routine encounter. No matter the stage your man mane is at, this grooming kit will ensure your follicles to develop with the proper care needed.

  2. Deofavente

    Really well made beard brush/Comb combo. For the price it’s as good as some of the more expensive ones!

  3. Lee Byrne

    Been looking for a decent brush and comb set for a while and tried a few others. This one is perfect. Brush is the right size and there’s no bristle loss. Comb is natural wood so you dont get any weird static crom the cheaper plastic types. I’d 100% recommend this set for anyone whos serious about taking care of their beard

  4. Luke Marsh

    Looking for a quality beard brush, and was pleasantly surprised with this. Used often and with no issues at all. One of the best ones I’ve ever brought. The comb comes in handy too for when my beard is long!

  5. Robert Watts

    sold/received as advertised – I have used many different products for my long beard and this works brilliantly – feels great and works well

  6. Lazarus

    Having had a beard, or other facial furniture, on and off for 8 years (mostly on) I have used a variety of beard brushes and combs.

    I’ve waited a few weeks before reviewing and can say this brush is truly a pleasure. It’s size is perfect (easy to hold and small enough to bring on trips away), the bristles firm and the wood stunning. I thought I didn’t need a comb, but it is a very nice addition, and has replaced my current comb as it is suitable for taming my moustache and beard thanks to the two sizes.

    I highly recommend this comb, and eagerly await more from Mission Beard Grooming co.

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