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100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush & Comb Kit

(36 customer reviews)
  • “We put our heart and soul into this sophisticated beard brush set” – Mission Beard Founder
  • “No I’m not giving you a quote for the Beard Brush description” – Mission Beard Founder’s Girlfriend
  • “Far and beyond the best we’ve seen” – International Boar Bristle Beard Brush Confederation
  • “A great brush – I’m actually pretty OK with this” – the Boar (not harmed in making of brush)
  • SERIOUSLY, THOUGH – this brush and comb kit was designed with sweat, blood and tears to exfoliate your skin, soften existing hair and promote healthier, faster beard growth. It’s the brush your mama warned you about, but the product your beard was grown for. Make it happen. Join the MB Family and grab yours now.

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Every Great
Man Needs
a Great Beard
Brush Kit. This is
that kit.

But this is more than just a beard kit. This is a lifelong investment into health of your beard.

Comprised of a natural beech wood and 100% boar bristles brush and premium laser-engraved pearwood comb, this kit contains everything you need to get your beard looking and feeling its best.

How Your Beard Will Benefit

Free from scratchy plastic

Plastic brushes might seem like they’re getting the job done at the start but in the long-run, they’re going to do you much more harm than good. Plastic bristles look round to the human eye, but on a microscopic level, they’re jagged, meaning they’ll scratch your hair. As a result, we’ve vowed to never use plastic in our products.

Take control of your growth

You can control and guide the direction of your beard growth with the right tool. This is that tool. Simply by brushing once a day, previously bushy, wavy and out-of-control beards can be tamed and trained to grow in a set direction.

Banish beard itch for good

The boar bristles in our brush penetrate through layers of hair to exfoliate the skin underneath and evenly distribute both natural sebaceous and beard oils, allowing for even coverage and stopping itching
in its tracks.

100% Premium boar bristles

Mission Beard’s Beard Brush and Comb Kit is made from 100% natural mid-cut boar bristles, meaning they’re firm enough to get the job done perfectly but soft enough to not pull at hairs or scratch underlying skin.

Make your beard kissably softer

Our Beard Brush and Comb Kit is packaged in a premium, custom box, making it a perfect gift for the bearded man in your life, or even just for yourself. Come on, you know you deserve it – treat yourself.

Premium branded packaging

Our Beard Brush and Comb Kit is packaged in a premium, custom box, making it a perfect gift for the bearded man in your life, or even just for yourself. Come on, you know you deserve it – treat yourself.

Perfect for the man on the move

Our brush is designed to fit neatly into a washkit, and the comb is the perfect size for your pocket, giving you convenient access to grooming on the go.

Reduce breakage and make your beard stronger

Regular beard brush use is known to strengthen beard hairs and fortify them against external environmental damage. Work it into your daily grooming routine, and you’ll grow a bigger, stronger beard that grows more uniformly and requires less maintenance.

Why Mission Beard?

We’ve got a couple good
reasons tucked up our sleeves.

Sustainable Ingredients, Recyclable Packaging

The boys at Mission Beard care about the planet. That’s why we only use sustainable ingredients and insist on fully-recyclable packaging (even though it costs us a little more).

From brush kits to oil, all of Mission Beard’s products are 100% natural, too. We don’t water our oils down with dangerous ingredients or cut corners with artificial fragrances or dangerous plastics. So, when you buy our products, rest assured that its ingredients have grown out of the ground and have been hand-picked for their beard benefits.

Rigorous Testing and Development

You deserve the best beard care products you can get, which is why we’ve literally spent years planning and developing our range. They’ve all been fully lab-tested (on beards, not animals) in lengthy trials to make sure they measure up against the EU cosmetic regulations. When you buy from Mission Beard, you’re getting top quality products packed with bearded benefits.

Not tested on animals.
Or men without

We don’t test on animals,
and that’s final. We only test
on beards, and they’ve
loved it.

Monthly Missions

We’re a business that gives back. Each month, we select a charitable cause and donate £1 from every sale we make during that month. We don’t just want to line our pockets – we’re here to make a real difference and give back to the communities that support us. When you buy from us, your money goes towards something good.

Brush your way to a bigger, better beard.
Get your hands on the beard brush and comb kit now.


36 reviews for 100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush & Comb Kit

  1. Fade

    I’ve not had these tools that long as yet, but I’m pretty convinced (after having several other brands of brushes/combs) these lot know their stuff! I’m enjoying the size of this comb as it’s easy to slide away but not small that it’s easy to break or feels weak. The boar bristled brush and I haven’t had much time together, however I enjoyed last nights brush-before-bed routine encounter. No matter the stage your man mane is at, this grooming kit will ensure your follicles to develop with the proper care needed.

  2. Deofavente

    Really well made beard brush/Comb combo. For the price it’s as good as some of the more expensive ones!

  3. Lee Byrne

    Been looking for a decent brush and comb set for a while and tried a few others. This one is perfect. Brush is the right size and there’s no bristle loss. Comb is natural wood so you dont get any weird static crom the cheaper plastic types. I’d 100% recommend this set for anyone whos serious about taking care of their beard

  4. Luke Marsh

    Looking for a quality beard brush, and was pleasantly surprised with this. Used often and with no issues at all. One of the best ones I’ve ever brought. The comb comes in handy too for when my beard is long!

  5. Robert Watts

    sold/received as advertised – I have used many different products for my long beard and this works brilliantly – feels great and works well

  6. Lazarus

    Having had a beard, or other facial furniture, on and off for 8 years (mostly on) I have used a variety of beard brushes and combs.

    I’ve waited a few weeks before reviewing and can say this brush is truly a pleasure. It’s size is perfect (easy to hold and small enough to bring on trips away), the bristles firm and the wood stunning. I thought I didn’t need a comb, but it is a very nice addition, and has replaced my current comb as it is suitable for taming my moustache and beard thanks to the two sizes.

    I highly recommend this comb, and eagerly await more from Mission Beard Grooming co.

  7. Ben

    Really nice quality. Would recommend

  8. Peter Samudovsky

    Very good comb and even better brush. Love the fact that seller genuinely care if you are happy with product. You won’t find better product for price. LET IT GROW BRO.

  9. Smartie90

    Really great product – as described and great customer service. Would recommend!

  10. Chris

    Good quality product. Recommended.

  11. the purple panty eater

    being new to the beard grooming routine wasnt sure what kit to buy.
    Used it a few days now and I can say it does the job spot on, never had a softer and calmer beard

  12. Rich

    Great quality products!

  13. Steve C

    I don’t usually write reviews but feel compelled to after reading UPD’s negative review. His complaint appears directed at the sticker on the underside of the box. I hadn’t even noticed it and had to check to see!
    The brush is a quality product and the comb is generously toothed which helps reduce snagging. I bought it on a promotion deal last week. What a bargain!

  14. tony

    Good price, brush and comb both do a great job, really pleased!!

  15. Sam

    Awesome product! Beards looking great. Fast delivery and great communication. Thank you very much.

  16. honny kumar

    Great product and good value for money.

  17. Kieron rowley

    Great kit very happy. Fast delivery. Overall 10/10

  18. Pierre Malan

    Absolutely fantastic. I would gladly promote this brand.

  19. sam

    Bought this for my husband. He has had a beard for over thirty years and decided to give it a ‘re-boot’ so I got him lots of new stuff to help. This is such a lovely, soft brush! Perfect for the grooming that is required to get the hairs to grow right. Doesn’t make the face sore …all that soft, newly exposed skin! The comb is lovely as well but not something that he needs right now…still…it may come in handy later. Well worth the money!

  20. Mark Wakeling

    Fantastic product, well finished, perfect for grooming beard, both brush and comb look good and come well presented in their box, would recommend to anybody looking for good quality and fast service

  21. Fiona G.

    Bought for my partner, he loves it. Great quality and price.

  22. greg

    What I like about this brush is that it is soft, but has just the right amount of firmness to get through my beard, unlike some others I’ve tried. My beard after only a few days has calmed down quite a lot, so I’m looking less like I fell out of a hedge.

  23. Amazon Customer

    Great product. Nicely made and well crafted.

  24. Dave

    Really impressed with this product, cleared up my beardruff in a matter of days and does a brilliant job of distributing beard oil to tame and give your beard a clean/well maintained look.
    Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a high quality beard brush, 10/10!!!

  25. Ross S.

    It’s my 1st beard brush, and it’s a great little thing. Fots nicely in my hand, the boar brustles are soft on my beard and I’ve noticed my beard feeling fuller and easier to keep tidy. The only thing I can say negatively about it, is the beard comb seems to be just a wee bit too thick, but it’s still a really good comb. 5 stars from me.

  26. Liam Maynard (verified owner)

    Great product looks the part packaged nice. Ideal for what I wanted and needed. Price very reasonable also compared to other brands.

  27. Dave (verified owner)

    Love this

  28. Blackie pilky (verified owner)

    My husband was thrilled with this beard set very well made fast delivery first class all round

  29. Adrian Stowe (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Beard has never felt so good after using this set

  30. Marky (verified owner)

    Great product! It does what it says (I’d be quite surprised if it didn’t). The quality of the materials, how it is put together, and the nice packaging it comes in, adds to its character and class!

    My beard appreciates me greatly for this purchase, I am sure yours will too 😀 Do your beard a favour, it deserves it!

  31. Jagjit Shairi (verified owner)

    Brilliant Brush, Highly Recommend Buying!

  32. NimPanZ (verified owner)

    Good price. Quality brush, durable comb. Beautifully packaged and customer friendly service.

  33. Mr. Francois R. A. Camilleri (verified owner)

    Great product, really happy with the beard brush. Also, great customer service throughout.

  34. N. Churchill (verified owner)

    Love it, does exactly what it says on the tin.

  35. Mr M (verified owner)

    A pleasure to use

  36. Tom

    Great quality, well made and the boar bristles aren’t too stiff. All round cannot complain at all

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