Underdog Beard Oil

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Meet Underdog, the first oil we ever created and a firm fan favourite. With notes of tobacco, cinnamon and vanilla, and packed with a blend of over 19 nourishing natural ingredients, Underdog beard oil is guaranteed to have your beard looking, feeling and smelling its best.

£ 14.99


This is
Beard Oil.
You need it.

14 months of development. 24 weeks of rigorous testing. One fantastic bottle of beard oil, enriched with a nourishing, all-natural formula and rich, complex scent to get your beard looking, feeling and smelling its best.

What Makes Our Beard Oil Badass

We don’t fill ‘em up with just anything. Each and every bottle of Underdog beard oil contains a wide range of ingredients, cherry-picked by industry experts for their effectiveness:

Sweet almond oil

nourishes, protects
and repairs skin.

Jojoba oil

hydrates skin and hair to lock
in moisturise and stop itching.

Exactly 13 hand-selected essential oils

including cinnamomum zeylanicum leaf,
vanilla planifolia fruit and myrtus communis leaf.

Argan oil

softens hair and brings life
back to dull, dry beards.

Inca inchi oil

widely considered the richest plant-based
source of fatty acids and vitamins
essential to hair growth.

Rice bran oil

silky texture, with easy absorption
to prevent unnecessary

Vitamin E

natural antioxidant effects reduce
hair breakage and promote stronger,
thicker, faster growth.

And there’s more where that came from

  • Cinnamomum zeylanicum leaf oil
  • Vanilla planifolia fruit extract
  • Styrax benzoin resin extract
  • Cedrus atlantica bark oil
  • Myrtus communis leaf oil
  • Pimenta racemosa leaf/fruit oil
  • Boswellia carterii gum extract
  • Cinnamomum camphora bark oil
  • Humulus lupulus oil
  • Citrus sinensis peel oil expressed
  • Cistus ladaniferus leaf extract
  • Cistus ladaniferus leaf oil
  • Callitris intratropica oil

Why Mission Beard’s Beard Oil?

Good question – we’ve got a couple good
reasons tucked up our sleeves.

Proudly not Homemade

That’s right – our stuff is the real deal. We haven’t spend years planning our attack on the male grooming market just to spoil it all with poorly-produced beard care products that have been thrown together in someone’s kitchen.

We’ve partnered with some of the world’s best and most experienced cosmetic chemists, who have helped us to formulate a range of beard oils, beard balms, shampoos and moisturisers that aren’t just professionally made, but are also packed with features sure to help your beard live its best life.

 The Best Beard Oils Around

Wondering where to buy beard oil? We’ve got you covered.

We do 3 scents, and we do them well. From punchy citrus scents to deep, masculine blends of cinnamon, tobacco and hops, our range of beard care products offer the perfect variety for beard maintenance and gives the modern man everything he needs to maintain his mane.

No Animal Testing –
Not Now, Not Ever.

We don’t test on animals, and that’s final.
We only test on beards, and they’ve loved it.

Sustainable Ingredients, Recyclable Packaging.

The boys at Mission Beard care about the planet. That’s why we only use sustainable ingredients, and insist on fully-recyclable packaging (even though it costs us a little more).

All of Mission Beard’s products are 100% natural, too. We don’t water our oils down with dangerous ingredients or cut corners with artificial fragrances. So, when you buy our oil, rest assured that its ingredients have grown out of the ground and have been hand-picked for their beard benefits.

Rigorous Testing and Development

You deserve the best beard care products you can get, which is why we’ve literally spent years planning and developing our range. They’ve all been fully lab-tested (on beards, not animals) in lengthy trials to make sure they measure up against the EU cosmetic regulations. When you buy from Mission Beard, you’re getting top quality products packed with bearded benefits.

Monthly Missions

We’re a business that gives back. Each month, we select a charitable cause and donate £1 from every sale we make during that month. We don’t just want to line our pockets – we’re here to make a real difference and give back to the communities that support us. When you buy from us, your money goes towards something good.

How to Use Our Beard oil

1. Soap up, sucker

Use a gentle beard soap, wash or
shampoo as required to remove dirt and
any lingering beard care products from
your beard. Be careful that the water isn’t
too hot, as this can damage your beard
hair. And nobody wants that.

2. Gently towel-dry

Press the towel gently into your
face to soak up the majority of
the water.

3. Apply a few drops of oil

Use the dropper to get some beard oil
into your palms. 3-4 drops for a short
beard and work up as required.

5. Rub into your beard

To get the best, most even oil coverage, work
the oil into your beard using a high-quality
boar-bristle beard brush.

4. Massage into your palms

Evenly distribute the oil between
your fingers and the centre
of your palms.

Your beard’s got questions. Underdog is
the answer. Grab your bottle and join
the MB Family now.


7 reviews for Underdog Beard Oil

  1. Aiden T

    I’ve used a couple of beard oils before; just the typical citrus or mint. I saw an ad on Facebook for Mission Beard and they looked different so I had a look. I saw Underdog and that it contains cinnamon, vanilla and tobacco?? which was unlike any I’d seen before so I gave it a shot and I do not regret it.

  2. John T

    Best smelling beard oil ever

    Smells like I’m rubbing one of my smoked maple Manhattan cocktails into my face.

  3. Martin H

    Easiest Christmas ever.

    Three bearded brothers + 3-for-2 on beard oils = Christmas made easy. Only tried the Underdog myself (just smelled it as I’m the only non-bearded brother) and it was strong and different but in a very good way. Everyone’s happy.

  4. Tom

    At first it’s knock your head off cinnamon but soon as you apply it it fades and leaves a lingering warm spice smell which is lovely! If you like Xmas spices or need one for the winter months Underdog is the one!

  5. John (verified owner)

    Lovely scent & performs well, not too greasy, almost matt finish. Can’t wait for the beard balms

  6. Stuart Brooks (verified owner)

    Love this great tobacco smell, I use this a night time or evening oil if I’m going out. I’ve been using oils for about 7 years and would highly recommend this one.

  7. Jim (verified owner)

    Hands down the best smelling beard oil I’ve tried. Really rich complex notes of sweet smokey cinnamon. Easily works in, and gives the beard a nice non greasy look. Definitely my go to beard oil brand from now on!

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