The best beard care guide to keep yours healthy

Alex Cutler

Time for some instructions you can’t chuck in the bin.

Saves you having to get them back out, anyway.

Growing a beard isn’t difficult - it physically sprouts from your face - but it does require a lot of patience and dedication to achieve the beard of your dreams.

beard Today, you are going to read the best beard care guide you have ever read. By the end of it, you are going to know everything there is to know about growing a beard, grooming a beard and maintaining your efforts.

You’re also going to know exactly which tools you need to do all of this with maximum efficiency in order to get the best beard results.

Here are the 3 main steps to having the healthiest beard:

Step 1. Growing Your Beard

Well-known facts about beards include that beard hairs grow from the face and that genetics play a huge role in whether you can grow a beard or not.

Lesser known facts include one very important one, and that’s that there are things you can do that have proven to assist with the growth of the beard hairs that your genetics have allowed you to grow.

As well as beard growth products, which we’ll get onto, there are many healthy lifestyle choices you can make that will help your beard grow thicker and faster.

Eat A Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet, as you already know, means getting all of the nutrients and minerals your body and mind need to thrive.

Hair growth requires specific nutrients in order for it to work at full capacity.

Vitamin D may assist to awaken dormant hair follicles, according to some research. B vitamins including B-12, biotin, and niacin may serve to reinforce and maintain hair.

Where to get these? Veg, obviously. Green ones. Can’t go wrong.

Stay Hydrated

Once you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need through your food and drink, your body then needs to move it all around your body, which it does via your bloodstream.

Keeping hydrated keeps the blood flowing, allowing nutrients to get to the areas that need them, such as your beard follicles as just a random example.

Peak hydration also means healthier skin on your face and fewer dead skin cells that cause itchiness, which in turn can lead to beard hair loss.


Exercise also gets the blood pumping, which speeds up the distribution of nutrients around your body and up to your facial hair where it is required.

In addition, more exercise means more, better sleep, and when we’re asleep our DHT is at an all-time high, which is proven to have a positive effect on hair growth.

Best Beard Growing Products

Haters will always say beard growth is 100% genetics, and while its ability to flourish in the first place is, there are also things that can be done to aid and speed up the process.

There are several products that can be bought to assist the growth of your facial hair so if you’re willing to spend a bit more money on top of your standard grooming product prices, you can grow your beard as fast as physically possible.

So, on top of eating a balanced diet, keeping hydrated and getting regular exercise, you could try using one or more of the following:

1. Beard Growth Activator Serum

Ingredients that are used in beard growth serums, such as biotin and capilia longa, have been proven to wake up the dormant follicles that have been causing that patchy beard growth you hate.

Beard serum won’t work overnight, of course, so be prepared to commit to this product for up to 8 weeks before seeing any side effects. Some experts even recommend using it for up to 150 days to realise your beard’s full potential.


In the UK? Take a look at the Copenhagen Grooming Activator.

In the US? Try out the Scotch Porter Beard Serum.

2. Beard Roller

Beard rollers encourage hair follicle development by adopting a process known as "Micro-needling", with results backed by science. They fool your body into producing more collagen underneath your skin, which enhances the pace at which your beard grows.

Micro-needling also aids in the exfoliation of dead skin cells, leaving the skin feeling healthier, softer and younger-looking.

Simply roll your beard back and forth in a criss-cross fashion over a region that is lacking in thickness. After a few months of consistent use, perhaps twice a week, your beard will grow thicker and fuller than before.

For best results, use a beard roller in conjunction with a beard growth serum - or even just your regular beard oil.

3. Beard Growth Supplements

If you struggle to consume what would be considered a balanced diet, you could always turn to supplements in order to satisfy your beard’s craving for particular nutrients.

While we will always recommend getting your vitamins and minerals through your regular diet - from vegetables, nuts, seeds and lean meats or meat substitutes - supplements are certainly better than nothing.

Biotin, a B vitamin, is one of the most well-known vitamins for hair development. Human hair loss has been linked to biotin deficiency in studies.

Vitamin C is another great supplement that can be taken if you’re struggling to get your 5-a-day. It protects against free radicals, creates collagen, and helps your body absorb iron which is essential for hair growth.

Step 2. Grooming Your Beard

With the growth element of growing a beard covered, it’s time to look into how to groom and pamper your new facial hair.

Grooming your facial hair includes tidying it, treating it, and ensuring it is always in tip-top condition. This can all be achieved using particular tools - tools which you’ve likely heard of before but perhaps been a little sceptical of their capabilities.

Best Beard Grooming Products

Rumour has it that you’re sceptical of beard grooming products and their capabilities?

Well, lucky for you, we’re experts in this field, and we’re going to let you know exactly what each beard grooming product is capable of and why you should be using each of them.

1. Beard Brush

We know you’re not stupid. We know you know the purpose of a brush.

You may not know all of the benefits of using a beard brush, though, which is where we come in.

As well as training your beard hairs to grow in a specific direction and give an overall tidier appearance, a good quality beard brush will also exfoliate the pores on your face beneath the beard.

Dead skin cells are also cleared, giving your beard hairs more freedom to grow, and alleviating any beard itch that may be disrupting your facial hair growth.

Beards brushes come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and materials. In terms of shape and size, it should just be comfortable to use.

But when it comes to the material of your beard brush, you need to pay attention.

The bristles are the key area of concern here, which instead of being made from harsh plastics and synthetic materials, should always be made of natural, responsibly sourced animal hair, like boar hair.

If you can’t get your hands on one of our beard brush and comb kits, here’s another option that’s well worth your money:

2. Beard Comb

Beard combs, on the other hand, are simply all about completing your overall appearance.

A beard comb can be used to untangle any knots that have managed to form within your beard, tidy up your overall appearance, and even style your beard and moustache after using beard oil or beard balm.

While a beard comb is a simple tool, it should still be made of the correct materials. We recommend nothing other than a smooth wood, as plastics and metals are not quite as smooth as they seem at a microscopic level, and the rigidness can cause damage and hair loss.

Whether you prefer to use a fine-tooth comb, a broad-tooth comb, or a double-sided big boy, just make sure it’s made of pearwood, cherrywood, or wood of similar (or even better) quality.

3. Beard Oil

Beard oil - you’ve gotta love it.

Once people discover the wonderful effects it can have on their beard, they seldom return to their oil-less ways.

Beard oil is a product that's coveted for conditioning beards because of its ability to nourish and soften hair. . It's also great for keeping the skin underneath your beard moisturised.

Beard oil is used to keep beards thicker, softer, and more manageable. It's also occasionally used to encourage beard development, but if growth is your primary concern, you should go for a beard serum as mentioned earlier.

You may be wondering why some beard oils cost a lot more than others. This is due to the ingredients used within them.

Premium oils we'd recommend contain ingredients like sweet almond oil, Inca Inchi oil, argan oil and mor