The Top 10 Beard Conditioners [2023 Updated]

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – beard conditioners aren’t just some luxury additional beard product for those with disposable income.

Sure, you can achieve a very long, healthy beard without it, but to realise your beard’s absolute full potential, we recommend using it from the earliest stage in your beard growth journey as possible.

We get it – there are a lot of beard products out there.

Once you’ve already coughed up the cash for a beard brush, beard comb and a beard oil, it can be a little disheartening to find out there are so many more tools that can be added to your beard grooming kit in order to aid facial hair growth and keep it well maintained.

However, if you want the beard of your dreams, all of these products, including beard conditioner, should always be in your beard tool collection.

What Is Beard Conditioner?

So, what are we trying to indirectly sell you now is beard conditioner and why is it so important?

Specifically prepared for facial hair, beard conditioner is a hydrating wash-out treatment that leaves a pleasant scent. This product often contains substances that both nourish the skin and hair while also locking in moisture, resulting in a healthier, more pleasant beard and moustache.

The majority of bearded men’s annoyances stem from a lack of moisture in their skin and facial hair, including tightness, itching, and beard dandruff, to mention a few.

Beard conditioner helps to solve this problem by feeding your skin with minerals and vitamins while also sealing in moisture with carrier oils. As a reward, you’ll have softer, more maintainable facial hair as well as comfortable, smooth skin.

Beard conditioners can contain some wonderful ingredients like argan oil, tea tree oil and jojoba oil, and can include exquisite fragrances like sandalwood and oud wood. So, put down the pill box. Stop wondering “do beard growth supplements actually work“. A good beard conditioner will deliver the vitamins and minerals you need to get the job done.

How Often Should I Be Using Beard Conditioner?

We understand beard conditioner can be a little costly, so making it last as long as possible and not using more than necessary is key.

Ideally, beard conditioner should be used as part of your daily beard care routine. However, every other day will still keep your beard in very good condition (haha).

The particular beard conditioner that you purchase will always state how much you should be using, but you can usually get away with using a little less in order to bring your monthly costs down in these trying times.

A beard conditioner’s aim is similar to that of a standard hair conditioner, so as long as you’re achieving such goals, there’s no need to use any more than you already are.

How To Use Beard Conditioner

Applying beard conditioner isn’t rocket science, but we’ve also heard some horror stories, so we feel we should just clear things up with a simple guide.

Follow these steps:

  1. Rinse your beard or moustache well after using your preferred beard wash or shampoo.
  1. Pour a nickel-sized quantity of beard conditioner onto your palm and evenly spread it on your palms.
  1. Gently massage the beard conditioner into your facial hair and the skin underneath it, making sure your entire beard is well-coated.
  1. Allow a couple of minutes for the conditioner to permeate into your facial hair follicles.
  1. Completely rinse your beard hair with warm water

What Is The Best Beard Conditioner?

When it comes to the finest beard conditioners, there are two types that we need to think about. The first is a conditioning wash that functions as a hair conditioner for your beard instead of your face, and the second is a leave-in beard conditioner formulated with professionally prepared oils to massage into your facial follicles.

Either of these products is capable of leaving your skin and beard feeling beautiful, fresh, and invigorated. 

It’s impossible to name a single finest beard conditioner since everyone has different requirements. The topic is quite subjective.

Instead, we may point out each of our favourite beard conditioners, give them a review, and tell you everything about the benefits and drawbacks, which we will do just below.

So, What Are The Top 10 Beard Conditioners?

While we are experts in the field, as previously stated (a lot), you can use the term “top” quite loosely here, as the opinion of the user is important, too.

Below, we have compiled a list of 10 beard conditioners that we’re sure will get the job done on a variety of budget types.

Each selection features our personal reviews, as well as an overview of the pros and cons you can expect if you decide to make a purchase.

We sincerely hope you find the beard conditioner that perfectly caters to your personal preference.

1. Viking Revolution – Beard Conditioner With Argan & Jojoba Oils – $19.88 – £39.61

The sandalwood scented beard conditioner from Viking Revolution is a fantastic beard conditioner that has been created to promote healthy beard growth.

This beard conditioner moisturises, cleans, and softens your beard, giving it lustre and vitality, thanks to the use of argan and jojoba oils.

Viking Revolution oil also helps to relieve beard itch and any skin irritation caused by hair growth, so you can feel good while looking good.

Decent valueNot the best quality plastic pump
High quality ingredientsMost likely synthetic fragrance
Popular scentUnknown location of manufacture
All natural base ingredients

2. Seven Potions Beard Shampoo – Woodland Harmony – $13.99- £10.42

Seven Potions’ Woodland Harmony beard wash thoroughly cleans your beard while also nourishing your facial hair and skin.

It delivers a delicate wash that relieves itch, beardruff, and irritation without depleting your skin’s natural oils.

This Seven Potions product, which claims to be suitable for all skin and hair types, has a very mild sweet and woody aroma that doesn’t interfere with your aftershave.

Pros Cons 
Made in EnglandFragrance is unique and might be an acquired taste
Reputable brand
All natural
Contains aloe vera
No harsh chemicals

3. Polished Gentleman Beard Conditioner – $16.97 – £37.76

The Polished Gentleman’s Beard Conditioner, which includes potent Botanicals like Argan Oil, Biotin, Jojoba Oil, and Rosemary Oil, will give your beard an elegant and gentlemanly appearance, leaving you with a robust yet healthy beard.

Say goodbye to unkempt beards and welcome to silky, gleaming beards that people can’t quit stroking. Our Beard Conditioner, infused with essential oils, will maintain your beard strong and silky while avoiding nasty beardruff.

This conditioner is made with all-natural components including Manuka Honey and essential oils to keep your hair healthy and nourished.

Powerful ingredients Two sizes are labelled “small beard” and “respectable beard”
Soothes itching wellNot vegan
All-natural Unknown location of manufacture
Soothes itching

4. Billy Jealousy Beard Control – $20 – £20

Billy Jealousy’s Beard Control uses some of the most effective vitamins and minerals, as well as strong antioxidants, to condition your facial hair and prevent split ends and beard breakage.

Beard Control seals in nutrients and keeps pollutants out, all while offering moderate styling characteristics for a glossy finish.

This phenomenal leave-in conditioner essentially provides many of the benefits provided by beard balm while cleansing simultaneously. Smells good, styles and cleans, all in one go.

Sulfate freeWould be better to use a pump for distribution
Cruelty freeDoes not contain a particular fragrance
VeganNot completely natural
Made in America
Conditions & protects
Provides light hold

5. GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE – Beard Wash & Conditioner Pack – $23.89 – £46.18

This excellent beard wash and conditioner set comes with everything you’ll need to tame your wild beard and make grooming a breeze.

The mild nature of Grave Before Shave cleans and moisturises your beard and skin, reducing irritation and dandruff.

This beard wash and conditioner combo cleanses everyday grime build-up while also moisturising your facial hair for an incomparable refreshing outcome.

While it has a fresh, manly aroma, it is far from overbearing.

Powerful shampoo & conditioner combinationContains argan oil but no other notable ingredients
Cleans very wellBit pricey in UK
Made in California

6. Bulldog Beard Shampoo And Conditioner – $8.95 – £3.80

Bulldog Beard products cover the complete spectrum of beard maintenance, from cleansing and conditioning to moisturising and taming, so whether your beard is coarse or straggly, Bulldog Beard products can help.

Bulldog Original 2 in 1 Beard Shampoo and Conditioner cleans and conditions your beard. Natural components are used in our Original range. Aloe vera, camelina oil, and green tea are all included in our Beard Shampoo. For superior performance, we mix them with carefully chosen man-made components.

Our Original collection addresses the challenges that men experience in a straightforward and practical manner. Bulldog Original Beard Shampoo and Conditioner has chemicals that have cleaning and softening characteristics, making it ideal for even the most unruly beard.

Shampoos and conditionsNo special ingredients
Eliminates itchVery basic, budget option
Ideal for everyday useMay not be completely natural
No artificial colours
No synthetic fragrances
Made in the UK

7. Prophet 3-in-1 Beard Shampoo with Conditioner & Facial Hair Protection Treatment – $13.98 – £9.98

Nobody likes to touch a beard that is harsh, dry, and lifeless. Prophet’s 3-in-1 beard conditioner will provide your beard with the maximum softness, healthy conditioning, and intense hydration it requires, all while leaving you smelling amazing.

The triple-action product cleans and cares for your beard and hair while fighting the three indicators of dandruff: flakes, irritation, and dryness.

The mild cleaning recipe has been precisely created to combat even the most obstinate and persistent dandruff and trapped filth, while also alleviating the aggravation of dry, itchy skin.

Multi-benefit treatmentNo mention of specialist oils
Very good for dry beardsBasic product
Good valueNot all natural
Money-back guaranteeMade in China

8. Just For Men Control GX Grey Reducing Beard Wash Shampoo – $8.94 – £21.96

With each wash, Just For Men’s CGX Innovative beard colour shampoo significantly lowers greyness. This product cleanses and revitalises the hair gently and completely, adding volume for a richer, fuller appearance.

Unlike other dyes, it progressively eliminates grey beard hairs for subtle, natural-looking effects, and it contains no ammonia or peroxide.

Control GX’s triple-patented technology maintains beard hair appearing thicker and healthier, regardless of hair colour.

Specifically for greying beardsNo premium oils
No harsh chemicalsNot all natural (but expected from a product of this nature)
Manufactured in the US

9. ZEUS Beard Conditioner Wash – Vanilla Rum / Sandalwood – $17.95 – £14.36

ZEUS beard conditioner was made with natural ingredients to tame even the bristliest beards and/or moustaches. It was created to help with dry and itchy skin underneath the beard and that awkward period of beard development.

This beard conditioner contains pro-vitamin B5, aloe vera, and avocado oil to soothe and preserve your beard’s follicles.

Natural components including aloe vera, avocado oil, green tea, and jojoba oil are included in ZEUS’ beard hair conditioner to help tackle specific concerns that arise during beard development.

Aloe vera, for example, is used to keep your skin and hair hydrated and prevent redness and peeling. Avocado oil increases suppleness and aids in the healing of damaged skin and hair. Green tea contains vitamins B2 and E, which help to hydrate and encourage development.

Jojoba oil balances the natural oils, giving volume and preventing hair damage.

Premium productFrequently out of stock due to demand
Great scents in both US and UKScent reported as overpowering by some
Made in California
Minimal amounts required
Paraben and sulphate free
All natural

10. Murdock London Beard Conditioner – $32 – £17.80

Murdock London’s fantastic beard conditioner softens and strengthens your beard, allowing you to feel proud of it.

It has a unique clean label recipe that is free of the unpleasant or unneeded additives that many luxury beard products use.

The wheat protein in Murdock’s beard conditioner has been shown to strengthen hair and minimise breakage. Citric acid is then used to keep the formula’s PH level stable, flatten cuticles, and make hair less prone to tangling.

According to the firm, their beard conditioner is ideal for all varieties of facial hair, especially those that are extremely dry or prone to breaking.

Made in EnglandScent has had some awful reviews
Very good beard softenerNot all natural
No unnecessary ingredients
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