“I Don’t Need Beard Care Products” and Other Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Alex Cutler


So you’ve got a beard, do ya? You know what that means - you’re a tough guy. Only the toughest of tough guys have beards, not even I can argue with that one. I mean, have you ever seen The Rock with a beard?

You may be thinking “those tough guys have the toughest beards around, they don’t need to pamper that thing”. Tough guys don’t need special beard care products, obviously...right? And if you’re thinking that way, well you’re just dead wrong, bucko.

Those tough guys, they need beard care products. And you know what that means, don’t you? It means that you also need beard care products.

Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you do everything you’re supposed to do to get that beard to that “maximum toughness” look, and also debunk some other beard myths along the way.

Myth: I Can Just Use Regular Shampoo On My Beard

Hair is hair, right? So why shouldn’t I just use regular shampoo on my beard? Beard shampoos, like other beard care products, are just a scam to get me to waste money on the same product, right?

Well, actually, no, not right.

Think about regular shampoo for a second: Is it really just for your hair? Think about every shampoo commercial you’ve ever seen, and you should recall that A LOT of them talk about how their product keeps your hair healthy, but also that they give you a healthy scalp.

You see, the skin on the top of your head's not the same as the skin on your face, and the shampoo for your head is not meant for the skin on your face.

So, instead of using shampoo meant for your head on your beard, get a real beard care product. Something like True North Beard Oil.

Beard oils like True North have sweet almond oil to protect and repair your skin, as well as jojoba oil to hydrate your skin to prevent needless beard itchiness. That itchiness you feel in your beard might be the direct result of you using shampoo meant for your head, so use the proper beard care products and your beard will thank you.

Myth: I Don’t Need A Brush For My Beard Because It’s a Beard, Not a Horse

Technically, this is only half a myth because it is true that your beard is not a horse.

Unless you’ve shaped your beard into a horse...which would make your beard a Trojan Horse for your chin...

Anyway, I know where you got this idea. The old man who lives in the mountains with a beard down to his knees doesn’t need beard care products, he doesn’t use a brush, so why do you need to use one?

Well, he doesn’t need a brush because he lives in the mountains.

But I bet if you got a close look at his voluptuous chin hairs you would think the opposite. You’d probably think “yuck, that thing looks messed up”, and you’d be right. Just because you don’t have a mountain man beard doesn’t mean yours isn’t ready for a good brushing.

You see, your beard can act like a big net. It catches all kinds of stuff, like dead skin, hair that has previously fallen out, and food particles. That stuff doesn’t just disappear over time, it just stays there on your face.

Like, right next to your mouth and stuff (that should gross you out).

So, get yourself a good brush. Don’t use a cheap hair brush because, just like regular shampoo, a hair brush is designed to be scrubbing on your scalp, not the more delicate skin on your face.

You’ll want something like a Boar Bristle Brush, which uses real boar hair instead of abrasive plastic.

Clean your chin hairs and face scalp with a brush worthy of its majesty. Plus, regularly brushing your beard will give it direction and a uniform look. The health of your beard and its appearance are directly connected, and the best way to get and maintain a healthy beard is through the use of beard care products.

Myth: I Have A Short Beard, So I Don’t Need Beard Care Products

Maybe you believe that some beards need extra care, but not your beard. Yours doesn’t need anything special because it’s short and neatly trimmed.


Just because you're keeping your facial follicles to a length worthy of the office does not mean that you are exempt from taking care of them. People with short hair still use shampoo, don’t they? Now, I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking “what does this guy on the internet know about my face?”, and that’s a fair question, so, here’s what I know about your face:

1) You’ve accepted the fact that your beard gets itchy and think that it’s “just part of having a beard”.

2) You’ve accepted that you often need to go out of your way to trim insubordinate chin hairs that stick out of place because it’s “just part of having a beard”, and

3) You’ve accepted that your significant other thinks your beard is rough because that’s “just part of having a beard”.

Am I three for three? All of these things are not “just part of having a beard”, they are avoidable inconveniences if you just take some time to apply beard care products to that neatly-trimmed gladiator mane.

Rub some oil into that thing to liven up the roots and hydrate your face scalp.

Use a boar-bristle brush to scrub away dead skin and old hair, and free yourself from an endless itchy spiral of discomfort.

One of the beard care products we haven’t mentioned yet is a beard balm, which is ideal for a shorter beard. A shorter beard is not a good candidate for thick beard wax, but a good beard balm will both soften and moisturize your beard, leaving it soft to the touch.

Not only that, when combined with a brush, you will train your beard hairs to cooperate with your style, meaning no more rogue hairs sticking out of place.

So what have we learned here today? We have learned that beard care products are not something you should be avoiding. It doesn’t matter if your beard is long or short, thick or thin, taking proper care of your beard is important, so do it, dude!