Knowing how to apply beard oil is the one thing that sets us apart from the rest.

If you don’t know how to apply beard oil, you’re not only going to miss out on its key benefits – you’re also going to end up looking plain ol’ greasy.

And nobody wants that.

In this post, you’ll find out information on:

  • How to Apply Beard Oil – what you should – and shouldn’t – be doing.
  • Other Beard Products You’ll Need – other essential beard care products you need to keep your beard in top condition.

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Read on to find out what you need to know about applying beard oil:

How to Apply Beard Oil

Knowing how to apply beard oil to enhance your facial hair couldn’t be easier, once you’ve done it a few times. And while getting the process down to a science might take a bit of practice, for the benefits you’ll see, it’s well worth it.

1) Apply a Few Drops of Beard Oil to Your Palms

Your beard oil will have come either with a dripper tool, or as a pump-action bottle. Use this to apply a few drops of beard oil to your palms, depending on the size of your beard and how long you’ve been growing it. We find that around 3 drops is a good starting point, but find out what works for you.

2) Rub the Beard Oil Into Your Palms

Massage the beard oil into your palms. You need to do this until it’s evenly dispersed, otherwise you’ll end up with one side much more oily than the other. Nobody wants that.

3) Massage the Beard Oil into Your Beard Hair

Move your hands in a downward motion from your cheek bones to the base of your beard several times, being careful to cover all the hair. After you’ve done this, switch to an upwards motion.

4) Grab a Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Grab your trusty brush and work your way down through your beard to evenly distribute your beard oil throughout your beard, then switch to an upward motion.If you haven't got one, take a look at our boar bristle beard brush and comb kit. f you don’t have a beard comb, a standard comb will do in the short-term.

Key tip: In the long-term, it’s well worth investing in a beard comb or beard brush, as plastic combs can damage your skin. They’re relatively inexpensive and will help you keep your beard in top condition.

That’s it - now you know how to apply beard oil! We told you it was easy. Play around with some of your favourite beard oils to find the right process for you, and you’ll have it nailed down in no time.

Essential Beard Products – What You’re Going to Need

Beard care doesn’t stop with adding a bit of oil to your face and walking out the door. Although beard oil will get the job done, if you’re serious about maintaining that face mane, there are several other essential products that can help you on your journey:

1) Beard Shampoo

First things first – a great beard shampoo is an excellent addition to any man’s morning routine. The mistake many men make when growing a beard is using standard shampoo. And although this might be okay for the first week, it’s not going to do you any favours in the long run.

Why? Because the skin of your scalp and the skin on your face are very different – the latter being much more sensitive. While your scalp can handle the tough chemicals such as sodium laureth sulphate, your beard is going to complain about it. Over time, your skin will get dry, and you’ll develop flakes, known as beardruff.

Beard shampoos are made specifically for sensitive skin. They’ll cleanse your facial hair, removing any dirt, grime and lumps of last night’s dinner that might have been caught up, leaving it feeling fresh. On top of this, the oils contained within will also soften your beard and stubble, making it kinder to the touch and easier to style.

2) Beard Balm

A good beard balm is any man’s gateway to increased styling control. When beard oil doesn’t quite cut it, beard balm will do the job.

Half-way between a beard oil and wax, beard balm gives you all of the benefits of beard oil, with a bit of added control. For those windy days where you need a bit of extra control, or for bad-beard days where your hair just won’t stay in shape, look no further than beard balm.

3) Beard Brush & Beard Comb

As we mentioned above, after a while, a standard hair comb isn’t going to cut it any more. You’ll know you’ve reached that point by one of two signs:

a) The Comb is Catching

One day, you’ll be casually combing your beautiful, irresistibly-scented beard oil through your facial hair, and ouch – it’s got caught. This is a problem that’s going to persist, especially if you’ve got thicker, coarser hair.

b) Your Face is Getting Itchy

Plastic isn’t good for your face, so scraping it across it every day won’t do you any favours. Your skin is going to kick back by inflaming and getting itchy and before long, that’ll turn into beardruff.

You can avoid running into either of these two unpleasant issues early on by buying a boar bristle beard brush and comb. Which you go for is entirely up to you, but I’ve always preferred a boar bristle beard brush, just because it’s kinder on your skin while still exfoliating effectively and fighting its way through tough knots.

4) Beard Trimmer

The final step – the beard trimmer. Not all of us have the time or money spare to pop down to the barbers every other week for a professional beard trim. As a result, beard trimmers are a solid purchase that you’ll get a lot of use from. Whether it’s trimming back your moustache hair to make eating easier, or going full-in with a beard reshape, a beard trimmer is your best friend.

There are cheap ones available online, although we’d definitely recommend avoiding these. Low-quality blades are going to catch on your hair, and if you thought that was unpleasant with a beard comb, a beard trimmer will be next-level.

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There you have it – how to apply beard oil, and a list of essential beard products you’ll need to get growing a beard off on the right track.

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