Whether you’re having some problems growing the beard of your dreams or you’re just preemptively researching the mistakes to avoid when growing and grooming your facial hair, we’ve got the most comprehensive list of “don’t”s that you’ll find anywhere online.

Without further ado, we bring to you, the biggest list of beard-related things you should not do.

1. Don’t Get Impatient


Rule number one of this set of rules that are actually in no particular order is to be patient.

Don’t give up after a few weeks because you’ve yet to magically sprout your dream beard. Growing a beard takes time. Keep following our advice and it will happen, at a rate of around 0.4mm per day.

Let it become a little uneven before trimming the stray hairs, too, or you’re just not going to give it the opportunity to grow. As a general rule, newer beards should be left for around a month before you pick up your beard trimmer.

2. Don’t Ignore Your Neckline

The neckline of your beard, which is the "bottom border" of your facial hair, gives it form and a neater appearance. An appropriately groomed neckline will make your beard look longer and thicker.

Men have a bad habit of following their jawline, while in reality, for a full beard, the beard neckline should wrap under the chin, closer to the Adam’s Apple.

3. Don’t Get Carried Away With Your Top Line

Easy does it.

When you’re working on your beard’s top line, it sometimes pays to not be too particular.

The more you work away at it to even it up, the closer it gets to becoming a chin strap. But hey, if that’s the style you’re going for then go for it - we’re here to offer advice - not judge!

People will probably judge, though. Don’t upset your nan. Come on, get rid of that thing.

4. Don’t Forget To Brush Your Beard Regularly

When we’re brushing our beards, we’re not only making them look tidier, we’re also training hairs to grow in a particular direction.

Using a beard brush regularly will encourage your facial hair to do as it’s told much quicker.

In addition, you’ll be clearing away all the dead skin cells from the skin underneath that are getting in the way of your beard growth and causing beard itch.

5. Don’t Comb Before Brushing

Unless you’re one of them pain enjoyers.

Brushing your beard before getting the beard comb out will help untangle some of those bigger knots and prep the beard for a good combing.

If you have a long beard, a beard brush will straighten up the situation and make way for the beard comb to come in and finish up the job at a finer level.

6. Don’t Brush Too Much, Either

Every time you brush and comb your beard, you may be making it look neat and tidy, but you’re also putting it under a small amount of stress.

Brushing and combing your beard regularly is fine and you will not be causing any problems, but doing it too often can eventually lead to hair loss, countering all the hard work you’ve put in to get it to its current stage.

7. Don’t Believe The Beard Misinformation

A long time ago, we’re assuming at a particular stage of evolution where the first few men became a little less hairy, these men used their fragile masculinity to create a few myths about beards.

“bEaRdS cOnTaIn MoRe GeRmS tHaN…” Naa, mate, I wash mine - and there is absolutely no problem with not being able to grow a beard, you’re, like, more aerodynamic and stuff.

Further beard misinformation includes believing “the speed of beard growth is 100% genetic”, and that “shaving will help your beard come back thicker”.

Shaving does not increase your beard hair follicle count.

8. Don’t Skip The Beard Oil Or Balm

Beard oil can do so many wonderful things for your beard, from the initial beard growth phase to the eventual beard grooming - and everything in between.

Beard oil keeps the skin hydrated, locks in moisture and gives your beard a healthy gloss, preventing split ends. It makes the hair softer. Despite all of these advantages, many beard-wearing gentlemen neglect to apply it, and this may lead to a slew of issues.

The same applies to beard balm, and with so many exquisite scents available, you could be missing out on smelling even better than you already do, too.

9. Don’t Use Too Much Oil Or Balm

When you apply too much beard oil to your beard, it clings to your skin. This is when your beard and skin develop an excessively oily build-up.

It will not only get on everything you come into contact with, but it will also sit over the pores, meaning any dirt or filth becomes trapped and has a place to rest, causing red patches, acne, inflammation, and infected follicles.

Plus, you’ll only end up spending too much money.


10. Don’t Use Poor Quality Beard Products

Cheaper, more basic beard oils, quite frankly, are no better than just rubbing some baby oil on your face - and in some cases can even be dangerous.

They provide none of the many benefits that can be offered by premium oils which contain many natural oils like Argan oil, almond oil, Inca Inchi oil, as well as nutrients like vitamin e.

Better quality products are also much more likely to be cruelty-free. They’re also much less likely to contain poorly-filtered or harmful ingredients that can damage your skin and harm your health. If you’re thinking about putting that £5 ($7) bottle of oil you bought on Amazon on your face, think again.

11. Don’t Blow Dry Your Beard with hot air

Just like with head hair, excessive heated blow-drying will cause much more damage than you think.

The high heat will swiftly dry out your beard - far quicker than the hair on your head - and you'll be left with itching, dandruff, and split ends as a result of an excessively dry beard.

Unless you are in a rush for something more important than your beard (nothing is), there’s absolutely no reason to ever risk using a hairdryer on your beard. Instead, towel dry it, be patient (rule one) and let your beard live its best life.


12. Don’t Trim The Moustache Too Short

Trimming the moustache is a pretty easy task. Unfortunately, it’s maybe a little too easy if anything.

Just a little more this side… then even it up on that side… and before you know it, you look like a cunning leprechaun, especially if you’re sporting a longer beard style.

Your overall beard shape is dictated by how well you trim your beard neckline around the Adam’s Apple, as well as how well you can match it to your moustache.

13. Don’t Neglect The Sideburns

If you have one of the longer beard styles, you’re more likely to be able to get away with this, but not paying attention to where your sideburns end and your beard begins can really mess up your style and change your face shape.

A good blending between the head hair and the beard hair can make all the difference to your final look and complete your overall post-grooming appearance.


14. Don’t Let Your Beard Grow Out Of Control

Facial hair does not grow out evenly or in a uniform manner.

Whilst it's ok to leave your beard untended during the first few months of growing, after that you need to start putting in the groundwork.

If you don't, it's quickly going to become unruly. Trim your longer flyaway hairs, and tidy your moustache on a weekly basis to stop it getting involved with anything that comes into contact with your mouth. Then, give it a more thorough, style-focused trim once a month.

15. Don’t Trim Your Beard Too Often, Either

Put the beard trimmer away and give it a chance!

This rule ties in a lot with rule number one, where if you’re not patient enough you can find yourself trimming too often, which just doesn’t give your beard an opportunity to actually grow.

Plus, the more often you trim it, the more likely you are to make a mistake and ruin your whole look.

16. Don’t Use The Wrong Tools

There are a variety of very valid reasons why beard brushes and beard combs are available.

Hairbrushes are often made of synthetic bristles or plastic prongs, which are far more prone to yanking out beard hairs if they become tangled in them.

Waxed Canvas Wash Kit

In addition, they're rather abrasive. Even if they don't manage to rip out beard hairs, they'll do significant harm to them, including splitting the ends of the hair.

17. Don’t Use Head Shampoo

It says “Head & Shoulders”, not “Head, Shoulders & Face”. And don’t give us that “ACKCHYUALLY the face is on the head” rubbish becau