Whether you’re treating yourself or looking for the perfect gift for a loved one that needs to tidy himself up, buying a beard grooming kit can prove a pretty difficult task.

Not only are there an incredible number of options out there to choose from, but they all seem to contain different tools and treatments.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

With your passion for a tidy beard and our know-how, we can work through this article together to figure out which beard care kit is perfect for you (or him).

What Is A Beard Grooming Kit?

We try not to skip ahead here at Mission Beard, regardless of how self-explanatory a term may seem.

A beard grooming kit is simply your set of products and tools that you use to keep your beard looking as tidy and maintained as it can be.

A beard grooming kit doesn’t necessarily have to be a complete collection comprising everything that has ever been developed with the objective of taming beards all packed together nicely in a leather washback (although this is the goal).

It can also be as simple as having your beard brush, beard comb and beard oil neatly lined up by the bathroom sink ready for you to get stuck into your daily beard routine.

What Should (Or Could) Be In My Beard Grooming Kit?

There is an entire plethora of products that have been created to clean, groom, tidy and assist with the growth of your beard out there on the market today.

Do you need all of them? Maybe.

Certainly the majority of them, anyway.

It’s up to you whether you buy them individually and build up from the basics like the beard brush and beard oil or natural beard balm, or if you’re happy to take one big hit right in the bank in order to get all of the following items at much better value overall:

Beard Brush

All beard grooming kits should feature a beard brush. It is the centrepiece of your kit that you will find yourself turning to most.

Your beard brush should be made of high-quality wood and feature sustainably sourced boar bristles in order to get the job done properly.

Beard Comb

Any good beard grooming kit will basically chuck in a beard comb without really altering its price.

You’ll notice there are plenty of “beard brush and comb kits” out there that cost exactly the same as a standalone beard brush, so make sure you make the most of this when purchasing your goods.

Beard combs should also only be made of wood and can be either fine-tooth, broad-tooth, or both, which comes down to your beard length and preferences.

Never use a metal beard comb and definitely keep away from plastic ones.

Beard Oil

Unless you prefer beard balm, each beard maintenance kit you purchase should always include a beard oil.

If there isn't, you'll have to figure out where the beard kit's value comes from.

The majority of bearded individuals choose and buy beard kits depending on the quality and scent of the beard oil.

While a beard brush is perhaps the most integral component of your beard kit, the beard oil will most likely be the determining factor of whether or not you get your wallet out.

Beard Balm

The same applies to beard balm as beard oil above.

If you prefer to use beard balm, make sure that’s what you type into the search bar and you’ll find there’s plenty on offer.

You can often find both beard oil and beard balm in a single beard grooming kit, of course.

Beard Wash

Owing to its position next to your mouth, and how often you and others feel the need to touch it, your beard can pick up a lot of filth throughout the day.

A beard wash (also known as beard shampoo) is the solution required for this, which differentiates itself from standard soaps as it is less harsh on your beard and the skin beneath.

Beard Growth Serum

Now we’re getting into the more luxury beard grooming products.

Beard growth serum is very similar to beard oil - and can achieve many of the same things - however it also contains minoxidil, which has been proven to help stimulate hair growth in dormant follicles.

Beard Roller

Beard rollers can often be found in beard care kits, but many men step away from them immediately.

Needles, after all.

Beard rollers use acupuncture to release collagen. The depth of needle necessary to release collagen from between the epidermis and papillary dermis necessitates needle sizes ranging from 0.25mm to 1mm.

The higher the penetration, the more collagen is released in quantity. The longer the needle, however, the more discomfort and blood loss there will be. It's all up to you.

Beard Scissors

Beard trimming scissors seem to be the next thing that is added to a beard kit after brush, comb and beard oil - probably because they’re cheap to make.

They may be cheap to make but never overlook them.

Using a decent quality pair of stainless steel scissors to trim away unruly hairs not only does a great job of tidying up your look, but it also feels like a proper pampering session each time.

Safety Razor

This may come as a shock, but there's a lot to consider when deciding which safety razor should be included in your perfect beard kit.

The weight of the razor is important since the weight of the razor should perform all of the work for you. The idea is to get a tight shave without using too much pressure.

The majority of safety razors have a basic screw-off top for blade changes, however a few include a butterfly top. The butterfly razor's head opens up and closes with a single twist, eliminating the need for more time-consuming and intricate unscrewing and re-screwing.

Beard Bib

It's rare to come across them in a pre-assembled, ready-to-buy package for facial hair care, but they're essential to have on hand. Trust us.

Beard bibs are just as they sound. You wrap it around your neck and tie or stick it to your mirror or tiled bathroom wall.

No more clogging the sink or having to sweep or hoover the bathroom floor, and no more will the lady get on your case about it.

Wash Bag

A wash bag is a perfect way to store all of your prized beard grooming possessions.

Many beard grooming kits come stashed inside a wash bag, which will usually be leather or canvas.

A beard kit wash bag then makes taking your grooming equipment with you, especially for those of you that often travel for work or manage to get away on regular vacations.

Where Can I Buy A Beard Grooming Kit?

Wherever you want, bud!

But we do have some suggestions, of course.

Amazon is usually the go-to. It’s where you’re most likely to find the perfect facial hair grooming kit for you without having to do a ridiculous amount of research - you’ve already had to skim through this article.

However, to support small businesses and maybe even get the same products for a bit cheaper by cutting out the middle man, you could always buy directly from the small businesses that are working tirelessly to help look after your beard.

The choice is of course yours, though, and Amazon is certainly the easiest, especially for those of you with Amazon Prime. Plus, a lot of the best beard grooming kits can be found here.

Which Beard Grooming Kit Should I Buy?

The beard grooming kit you should be seeking to buy is the one that offers you all of the tools you need at the lowest possible price.

However, your budget will play a significant role in this. While having as many of the above beard grooming products as possible is crucial, you also need the greatest quality tools available.

This is where you must decide if you want at least one of each beard grooming product, simply a couple of these beard grooming items but of higher quality, or if you're totally dedicated and want to get all of the above in the highest quality accessible.

Basic Beard Grooming Kits

There are a few ways that you can look at the idea of a beard kit being basic.

A basic beard care kit could contain a few specific tools of decent quality that every man would need to get his beard journey off to the right start.

A basic beard care kit could also contain all of the beard grooming products in existence but of lower quality.

It’s up to you which type of basic kit will benefit you the most personally. Do you want a few decent quality necessities that you can build out your kit from? Or would you rather have one of everything right off the bat, regardless of quality?

Kit #1 - Fulllight Tech Beard Kit For Men

This right here is the perfect example of a beard grooming kit that comes packed with a great range of products at a fairly low cost.

Based on the cost alone, you know you probably aren’t going to get anything more than hydration from the beard oil, but it is all-natural and a good place to start.

The beard comb is made from wood, which is of course another plus, however there is no mention of what material the beard brush bristles are made of.

It’s likely that these bristles are synthetic, which isn’t ideal and certainly won’t provide the benefits of a boar bristle brush, but for the price of this kit, you’re getting a pretty sweet deal overall.

Kit #2 - ZEUS Basic Beard And Moustache Grooming Kit

First things first, you need to be aware that this excellent little set of basic beard care products comes in a choice of scents, including Vanilla R