Are Beard Straighteners Worth It? The Pros & Cons You Need to Know

Alex Cutler

In the perfect world, our beards would trim themselves and make us look like Viking Gods.

But this is no perfect world.

We aren’t Viking Gods.

We’re hairy blokes who’ll turn into beasts if left untrimmed and untamed.

Let’s be real, our facial hair tends to get gnarly. It takes us more than just trimming to turn that gnarly and overly curly beard into facial hair worthy of the Gods themselves.

So, if you’re tired of tangled, frizzy and bushy beard hairs messing with your look, don’t fret - there’s a solution. A beard straightener.

But are they worth your money — or can they actually end up doing more harm than good? Read on to find out, and discover our top recommendation.

Are Straighteners Worth It?

Beard straighteners are brilliant for taming thick, bushy, messy looking beards. However, frequent beard straightener use can cause damage to hair and skin underneath, especially if not used correctly. We recommend investing in a high-quality beard straightener and using a heat protector spray.

Reasons Why They Might be Worth It

We recommend using a hair straightener or heated brush for occasional use only. Check out the following three primary advantages of using a straightener for a beard:

A Beard Straightener Will Help You Look Your Absolute Best

Getting married? Have an important interview? Perhaps you’re a model or an artist and you’ve got a career-defining shoot coming up. A beard straightener might just help you close the gig for good! You’ll ultimately have a straighter, longer beard.

How we look has an important role in defining how the world perceives us. You’re bulky and physically fit? No one will dare to mess with you.

Think about it — you have a solid patch of hair pinned precisely on your face. Now what brand or photographer wouldn’t KILL to work with Dan Bilzerian or Greg Berzinsky?

Quick Fix: It Will Save You Time

Not a fan of regularly grooming your beard? You’re the keep-it-clean but don’t-care-it’s-messy type of person?

Well, swirling a heated brush through a few times on an important workday is all the treatment you need to look dapper and groomed.

By using a beard straightener, you’ll quickly tame an otherwise messy looking beard, combing hairs into a tidy, uniformed state that’s ready for styling.

Works Like a Charm When Paired Up With Proper Beard Care

Let’s assume that you’re a Bilzerian or Berzinsky, scouring the internet for tips to make your killer beard look even better.

You’ve already got the healthiest beard oils like our Underdog Smoke-Spiced Bourbon Beard Oil (shameless self-plug, we know).

You’re up to pace with the finest beard care routine. What else can you possibly do to make it look even better?

It’s simple. Use a beard straightener to remove any remains of the crinkly hair. It’s a simple spell, but quite unbreakable.

Why They Might Not be Worth It

Heat Damage

The market is filled with poor products and if you’re a novice, you’re going to have trouble separating the good beard straightening brush from the bad.

Not to mention, the heat and hair damage caused by hair straighteners, beard straightening combs, brushes, etc.

It’s easy to follow the herd and just say that straightening your beard hair will damage it — just for the sake of it and without proof.

As we mentioned earlier, let’s talk facts:

  • 385° F (185° Celsius) is considered the sweet spot for using heat to straighten our head hair. Is the threshold the same for beard hair? The jury’s out.
  • Temperature above this point causes damage. So that’s where you draw the line when buying products that are marketed for having temperatures higher than this.
  • Using blow dryers at about 205° F from a distance of 6 inches resulted in less damage to head hair. Again, a proof that heat damage is real.

The takeaway? Optimal temperature settings and less frequent use is the best policy. As a rule of thumb, use the lowest possible heat that delivers the results you want.

Low-Quality Products Have Safety Issues

A poor-quality beard straightener?

Please no.

Not only are they unsafe to use but they can also damage your facial hair follicles down the line. Trust us - the savings you'll make aren't worth the dryness, brittleness, and otherwise heat-related torture you'll inflict on that beautiful facial hair of yours.

Here’s What the Internet thinks About Beard Straighteners

Where there’s praise for beard straighteners, there’s a critic — and rightly so. We’ve listed some opinions from Quora users and Redditors.

Check out this guy’s thread, for instance who says that using a straightener on long hair is relatively easier than beard straightening. Think about the hair on cheeks and sideburns to lay flat. Quite difficult. That’s why you have to be extra careful when straightening your beard hair.


This brings us to the question — are there specialized beard straighteners or do you just have to get clumsy with a hair straightener? Well, check out the very next heading where our bearded Editor-in-Chief Alex hooks you up with his personal favorite.


So while the first guy clearly benefitted using his wife’s straightener, the latter advised him to avoid it. Followed by a piece of advice on heat protectants. What’s that now? We’ll fill you in, don’t worry.


We can’t entirely disagree with him. But perhaps a little? Occasional beard straightening and optimal temperature range on a high-quality beard straightener never hurt anybody.

Our recommended beard straightener (+ exclusive reader discount)


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Featured in both BeardBrand and Men's Health and suitable for all beard types, the Aberlite beard straightener will tame even the messiest of beards without burning skin or damaging hair.

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Pick Up a Heat Protector Spray for Extra Safety

Lastly, don’t forget to buy a heat protectant spray. It works as an extra layer of safety and helps protect your scalp and follicles by evening out the heat spread.

But again, be mindful of your allergies and if you notice any sudden acne breakouts, stop using the product right away.

The Mission Beard Verdict

To sum it all up, we’d say that the use of beard straighteners ultimately narrows down to personal preference. Folks with relatively shorter beards — you don’t need a beard straightener. You need to look after it with a top-rated beard oil and a good beard care routine. For those of you who want to maintain longer facial hair, it’s completely fine to use a high-quality beard straightener. Just make sure you always stay a step back on the heat settings, use a hair protectant, and remember — too much of anything is bad.

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