Beard Oil - What It’s Used For (And 5 Benefits To Expect)

Alex Cutler

The beard is simply refusing to go out of fashion.

They were rebirthed by the hipster alongside the flannel shirt somewhen around 2015, just after chinos and Rihanna t-shirts faded out, and they haven’t gone anywhere since.

Since this date, many beard products have popped up on the market, and one of the most notable is certainly beard oil.

While many men began lathering up their beards in beard oil as soon as it became available, other, more sceptical gentlemen held off for various reasons.

If you’re of the latter example, you may be looking for the reasons for why it is used and the benefits that you may expect from it. Allow us to help you out.

What Is Beard Oil Used For?

Beard oil is a leave-in beard care product used by men to hydrate beard hair, moisturise the underlying skin, soothe irritation and itchiness and promote stronger, faster growth. Beard oils are carefully designed to mimic sebum, the natural oil produced by the beard. Here’s how that works.

Sebum is a naturally occurring oil that is produced by the skin of all humans. Sebum has an essential role in the general health, texture, and look of your beard.

Sebum is washed away in the shower due to the powerful detergents that are included in regular soaps.

Beard oils are designed to mimic the natural oil produced by the beard, helping to keep it from becoming dry, stiff, flaky and wiry while also imparting a pleasant aroma and a subtle sheen.

When Should Beard Oil Be Used?

How often should beard oil be applied? As you can likely imagine, this is a question we come across quite a lot.

The answer to this question, however, is circumstantial and depends on the length of the beard it is being applied to.

The amount of beard oil that you really need to apply will be determined by the length and thickness of your beard, and while the average beard will only require a few drops, others, such a stubble, may require less, and longer beards will require more.

A little amount of beard oil with high-quality natural ingredients, such as the one we sell, may go a long way. The typical daily maintenance for a beard consists of two to three drops.

If you use excessive amounts of beard oil, the appearance of your beard may become unkempt and less appealing. The secret to success in anything that we do is to practise moderation.

What Are The Benefits Of Beard Oil?

Applying beard oil is one way to give your facial hair the additional care it needs to continue to look and feel nourished and healthy.

There are more advantages to using it than you might think, though.

The following are the 5 primary advantages of using beard oil:

1. It Nourishes Your Beard And Promotes Growth

Beard oils not only moisturise your facial hair, but they nourish it too with the help of various essential oils, vitamins and minerals.

When produced with the right ingredients, beard oil may promote faster, thicker, and more robust beard growth.

Oils that include a few of the more expensive ingredients, such as argan and Inca inchi, as well as vitamins essential to promote beard growth and Vitamin E for its built-in antioxidant characteristics.

2. It Relieves Any Beard Itch And Eliminates Beardruff

By moisturising and nourishing the dry skin on your face, beard oil may eliminate the unpleasant beardruff by blending several high-quality oils.

Got beard dandruff? Beard oil could be your newest best friend since even the most basic of beard oils will perform an excellent job of nourishing the skin beneath your facial hair, as well as the hair follicles themselves.

3. It Tames Your Facial Hair And Makes It Easier To Style

The hair that grows in a beard has a life of its own and will grow in various directions and at varying lengths.

While some men opt to trim and shape their beards to complement the contours of their faces, others are content to let their facial hair grow naturally and unchecked.

There is no right or wrong, but applying beard oil can soften the hair to make it more supple and manageable.

4. It Hydrates Your Face And Softens Your Beard

To maintain perfectly hydrated skin beneath your beard, the best beard oils, like our very own, include components such as almond oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, which work together to perform a kind of rain dance on your face.

And with your skin left hydrated, it doesn’t feel the need to retain moisture and deprive the beard which would dry it out.

5. It Makes Your Beard Smell Great

Beard oils that come with scents attract a lot of attention. These days, you can get beard oils that not only smell great but also have the potential to act as a cologne, saving you money.

Because you can also get beard oil that is fragrance-free, also known as “sans parfum”, you won't have to pick between maintaining your beard and wearing cologne.

If you do choose to go with scented beard oil, make sure it contains a natural fragrance as opposed to anything artificial.

How To Apply Beard Oil

So now you know what beard oil is, how often it should be used and why it should be used, how exactly should you apply it?

1. Dispense

This is how you apply the oil to your hands after taking it out of the container. The pipette bottle is the most effective and widely used of the several bottle types available on the market today.

2. Apply to hands

The beard oil must next be transferred from the pipette to our hands. When applying beard oil for the first time, less is more, so start with only 2-3 drops.

Squeeze the rubber head of the pipette dropper to release the oil. All that is needed for a modest drop is a brief, swift squeeze. Too much oil will be released if the pipette head is completely squeezed.

3. Rub hands together

After you’ve poured the necessary quantity of oil into your hands - which again depends on the length of your beard - give them a short rub together so that the oil is distributed evenly throughout the surface of your palms.

4. Apply to face

Massage your lathered, oily, sensual… rub your hands into your face, making sure every follicle gets coverage. If you feel like there’s not enough to cover your beard evenly, add another drop to your hands, rub, and continue.

Forgetting something? That tache looks a little dry still. Work the oil through from the centre to the points of your moustache with your thumbs and forefingers.

5. Comb and tidy

Be sure not to skip this step. Finishing the process of massaging the oil into your beard requires the use of a high-quality beard comb.

After rotating the comb so that the teeth are pointing in the direction of your beard, comb both the beard and the moustache in a downward direction.

The movement of the comb in this direction helps to ensure that the oil is distributed uniformly throughout the beard, and it also assists the oil in penetrating the beard hairs and reaching your quite beautiful skin.

Mistakes To Avoid When Applying Beard Oil

Beard oil may do wonders for your facial hair, but you need to apply it correctly if you want to revitalise your facial fur in order to get the full benefits of using it.

Let's take a look at some of the fundamental problems that most full-time beard-growers run into when they try to use beard oil.

1. Ignoring Irritation

If you have skin that is easily irritated, it is essential that you pay close attention to how the beard oil affects the skin on your face.

This is especially important to keep in mind if you try out a new make or model of an existing product.

It is also the reason why it is preferable to begin with a lesser quantity of oil rather than instantly lathering your beard with a fresh formulation.

Be careful not to disregard any signs of discomfort that may be brought on by the regular use of beard oil. It’s possible that you may need a different product that is more suited to skin that is sensitive.

2. Applying Incorrectly

Use a comb, your palms, your fingers, or your favourite plush cuddly toy to disperse the oil as evenly as you can throughout your beard. As you apply the oil, look for any dry areas to make sure you don't miss any of those priceless strands.

Never apply oil to your face or beard directly. In addition to being a certain method to squander expensive oil, doing this will make it difficult for you to properly apply the product, which will undoubtedly result in a greasy beard.

3. Using Too Much

If you apply too much oil to your beard, the result will be greasy rather than smooth hair. Additionally, you could have irritating oil clumps in your beard that need to be combed out.

Because of this, it's best to start out modest and add additional oil as needed. Try using a few drops at first.

What Is The Best Beard Oil?

Even while our own beard oils do include some of the highest-quality ingredients available, they may not include an ingredient that better suits your needs or you might not enjoy our smells.

This is why you’ll never find us brainlessly pushing our own products onto you.

The finest beard oil for you will be of optimal quality, contain the particular ingredients that will work to fight your concerns - such as argan oil, jojoba oils, sweet almond oil or vitamin E - won’t contain harmful ingredients like sulphates or parabens, and will contain your very favourite aroma.

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Beard Oil vs Beard Balm

Beard balm offers all of the advantages of beard oil while also healing the skin below thanks to components like shea butter, beeswax, and aloe vera, as well as essential oils, avocado oil, and coconut oil.

Beard balm will stay on your beard longer and enable you to mould it into somewhat more gravity-defying styles because of the slower absorption rate it provides.

The viscosity of the components and the final look of your beard after grooming are what make beard oil and beard balm different from one another.

Beard Oil vs Beard Conditioner

A nourishing wash-out treatment made specifically for facial hair is our friend the beard conditioner. This treatment often contains ingredients that hold in moisture while also nourishing the skin and hair for better, more pleasant facial hair.

The majority of annoyances experienced by bearded bros, such as tightness, itching, and beard dandruff, are brought on by a lack of moisture in your skin and facial hair.

By providing your skin with vitamins and nutrients and sealing in moisture with carrier oils, beard conditioner treats this. In addition to having flexible and smooth skin, the outcome is facial hair that is softer and easier to handle.

If you don't want to use a leave-in beard conditioner like beard oil, beard balm, or beard cream/butter, a beard conditioner is an excellent alternative.

Beard Oil vs Beard Serum

Beard growth serum and beard oil may both include many of the same ingredients and function in a similar way, however, minoxidil, an extra element not present in beard oil, is present in beard growth serum.

A topical medication called minoxidil encourages hair growth and delays balding. It functions best early on as a preventative therapy, although it might still be helpful later on when you start to detect some changes.

Argan oil and other nourishing oils that help cure harsh beards and the skin underneath can be found in beard growth serum, much like the greatest beard oils.

The price of beard growth serum is usually more than that of beard oil, so if you don't have any of the dreaded hair loss signs, normal beard oil will do.