How To Grow A Beard Faster

Alex Cutler

Hey, Beardo. Since we’ve got you here, we’re gonna take this opportunity to make this very clear:

There is no such thing as a miracle beard growth product.

There is not a single growth serum, oil, pill, spell or anything else you can think of that can help you grow a beard if it isn't in your genetics. Growing a beard takes time.

However, if you've got the God-given goods you need to sprout facial hair, there are a few tricks you can use to get that glorious beard to grow faster.

And in this article, we're going to share them with you. Read on.

How to grow a beard fast

My beard is growing slowly - how can I speed up the process and unlock fast beard growth?

Creating the right environment for your beard is key to encouraging and promoting healthy growth. If you're wondering how to grow your beard fast, here are four simple methods:

1. Groom and exfoliate

Get yourself a quality beard brush. Not your wife's hairbrush. A good-quality, wooden, boar bristle beard brush.

Boar bristles delicately penetrate through layers of hair to exfoliate the skin underneath. This helps distribute your skin’s natural oils, keeping both the skin and hair clear of dirt and well moisturised.

2. Get the right vitamins and minerals

You might get all the vitamins and minerals from the right diet, or, you can be sure you’re getting them with beard products like beard oil, beard balms and beard moisturisers - which also provide many other benefits.

Top shelf beard oils and beard balms help your beard growth in a variety of ways. They contain oils that help with moisture and hydration, oils that nourish, protect and repair skin, and vitamins with antioxidant effects that reduce breakage and promote stronger, thicker, faster growth.

3. Increase blood flow

It’s your blood’s job to carry nutrients around your body.

Taking measures to increase your blood flow will certainly do its bit to help carry those precious vitamins minerals to your face. A good diet, plenty of exercise and a relaxing facial massage is the recipe for bearded success.

4. Resist the itch

Don't you do it, dude - don't you do it.

My beard is patchy - what do?

If you’re struggling to sprout a ‘full beard’, or your beard ‘won’t connect’, we’ll refer you back to the blood flow section above. Massaging problem areas is a good way to encourage growth to those parts.

Using a beard brush to do this is ideal - exfoliate while you’re at it.

Why does my beard grow longer on one side?

This phenomenon is more common than you might think and can be caused by several things:

1. Genetics

Both hair follicles and DHT (the hormone that cuts off old follicles) are controlled by your genes. As DHT runs through your veins and hits the follicles on each side of your beard, the genetic composition of each will determine which side grows faster.

2. Blood vessel symmetry

Each hair follicle has its own blood supply and the vessels providing this blood are not completely symmetrical on your face. This means the follicles get uneven supplies of nutrients, resulting in uneven growth.

3. Sunlight exposure

If you’re lucky enough to live in a sunny place, that could be a contributing factor to your beard growing longer on one side. Sitting by the window in an office, or having a long commute to work in the car could mean one side of your face is more exposed to the sunlight. Heat damage is devastating to all kinds of hair, so use beard oil or moisturisers to help protect from this.

Looking to upgrade your grooming routine? Check out our ultimate list of oils to try in 2023 to find your next favorite product.

4. Sleep

Well, not sleep, but your sleeping position. Sleeping on one side means blood flow is being encouraged to that side by gravity. More blood = more nutrients and oxygen = faster growth. It sounds crazy, we know, but it could be why.


We understand the haste - beards are badass - but you need to be patient. Hang in there, beardo - give it time and you'll be sporting a fine mane like the rest of us.

How to grow a beard if you can't

Sadly, a lot of beard growth potential comes down to genetics. Some people can build muscle quickly, some people have big feet, and some can grow beards. That's the way the dice are rolled.

However, if you can't grow a beard or have a patchy beard and are willing to exercise a lot of patience, a beard roller and beard growth serum might be worth checking out. As with beard growth supplements, the jury is out on their effectiveness and safety for beard growth as far as research studies go, but anecdotal evidence shows that daily beard roller use can stimulate the growth of beard hairs where there weren't any before.


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