9 Reasons Beard Oils Are Worth Your Hard-Earned Money

Alex Cutler

We know that your facial hair is important to you.

Sure, some men grow beards out of laziness or to keep warm in the winter months, but the very notion that you’re reading this tells us you’re a little more invested.

The fact that you’re looking for reasons to buy beard oil excites us - not because there’s a chance we’ll be sending our own products your way, but because there’s an increasing number of gents out there that care as much about their beards as we do.

So, let’s not waste any time…

Are Beard Oils Worth It?

There are many advantages that beard oils may provide for your beard, including prominent examples like softening and moisturising, but there’s simply so much more to it.

If beard oils weren’t worth it, we wouldn’t be making it.

We know you’re looking for more than just our word for it though, which is why we’ve compiled this comprehensive yet straight-to-the-point list of 9 reasons beard oils are worth your hard-earned cash.

1. Beard Oil Encourages Beard Growth

Beard hair growth is one of our primary concerns when we begin to grow a beard.

Beard oil will give your face follicles everything they need to function at maximum speed to develop your beard as quickly as possible.

The main ingredient that promotes the growth of your facial hair is vitamin E, which is present in many of the top beard oils on the market.

While genetics do play a part in this, you'll notice a difference in your beard development when you combine it with a balanced, nutrient-rich diet and frequent exercise.

2. Beard Oil Nourishes Your Beard

The finest beard oils are formulated with components that have been shown to nourish beard hairs and the skin underneath them, heal damage to existing hair, and provide protection from environmental harm.

Look for carrier oils like Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil when purchasing beard oil. These are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin E, which moisturise and repair both facial hair and the skin beneath.

Many contemporary beard care firms blend argan oil and jojoba oil with thinner, silkier carrier oils like sweet almond oil and rice bran oil since they may be a touch on the heavy side and can cause some individuals to have excessively greasy beards.

3. Beard Oil Softens Your Beard

As a response to the natural ingredients that are included in beard oil permeating your facial hair, you will notice that it becomes much softer.

The wonderful thing about beard oil is that this benefit is reaped immediately after application, and although it may dry out a little more during the day, consistent use will ensure it begins to stay softer for longer.

Create a beard care routine that includes a daily dose of beard oil, and you’ll love your new softer-bearded life.

4. Beard Oil Hydrates The Skin Beneath Your Beard

Your skin will be treated with the appropriate amount of moisture as a result of the excellent nutrition that is offered by beard oil, which will guarantee that it is cared after as well as it should be.

Because of this, problems such as beard dandruff will become a thing of the past, and you'll be able to start wearing black t-shirts with confidence again, as you did when you were going through your emo phase.

5. Beard Oil Reduces Skin Inflammation

Beard oil may even be used to treat razor burn and other severe skin irritations. It also aids in reducing skin inflammation and irritation.

Due to its moisturising and nourishing qualities, beard oil - especially those containing Jojoba oil - has also been reported to help skin issues including acne.

6. Beard Oil Tames Straggling Beard Hairs

Beards that have not been treated with beard oil can often look dry, unfortunate and rather sad looking. Nobody wants to see that.

Avoid letting obtrusive hairs take over and undermine your confidence. Bring your facial hair together by grabbing some beard oil and putting it to work.

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7. Beard Oil Can Make You Smell Great

The advantages of using beard oil extend well beyond the simple maintenance of facial hair. Beard oils with fragrances draw attention to themselves.

There are some fantastic smelling beard oils out there that can both complement colognes and serve as independent perfumes. This is something that might come down to personal choice, but with so many options available, you’re sure to find one for you.

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Essential oils and synthetic fragrances are the two primary options for imparting a scent to beard oils. These components typically take up little more than 2% of the total volume of the container, with carrier oils being the vast majority of the final product.

8. Beard Oil Protects Your Beard From Sun Damage

It does not take very long at all for heat to have an effect on dry hair; in the same way, head hair and hair dryers have the same effect on dry hair.

The longer your beard is exposed to the sun, the more harm it will sustain as a result of the exposure.

If you use beard oil before going out into the sun, it will help keep your beard moisturized for a longer period of time, which helps protect it from the elements.

9. Beard Oil Makes Your Beard Appear Fuller

Beard oil contains natural oils that give your beard volume, giving the illusion that it is becoming thicker and fuller as it grows out.

The use of oil naturally gives your beard more volume and helps maintain it in shape, which provides the appearance that it is thicker than it really is as well.

Additionally, since it promotes healthy beard growth, beard oil enables you to preserve your beard hair for a longer period of time, resulting in a genuinely fuller beard.

And Why Stop With Beard Oil?

There are many beard products out there that offer unique benefits for your beard.

Beard oil is maybe the most important beard product - alongside a brush and comb for keeping it tidy - but if you’ve yet to discover beard balm, beard wash, beard conditioner, beard serum and various other beardy delights, you may find that they can also help take your beard to the next level.

We are also on the subject of money, though, and this stuff doesn’t come cheap - so, if you’ve got the budget for it, take a look at what else is out there and figure out which products make your beard look as perfect as it should do.