Vacuum Beard Trimmers: Which to Buy - and Which to Avoid 

Alex Cutler

Listen up, you bearded beauties, because we’ve got big news.

Are you, like us, tired of dealing with the early-morning cleanup after a mammoth beard-trimming session?

Are you ever-scared of your partner’s growing frustration at finding tiny hairs stuck around their sink?

Well, the time for tiredness and fear is over.

Vacuum beard trimmers are here.

These bad boys not only keep your beard looking sharp, but also handle the hair cleanup after. They’re some of the best beard trimmers around, and we can’t wait to open your eyes to the sheer convenience they’ll bring to your morning grooming routine.

Today, we're diving deep into this brave new world of trimmer tech, presenting our top three options - and one to avoid.

I tried to take a picture to show off my vacuum beard trim. Let’s just pretend this does the job.

What is a Vacuum Beard Trimmer?

Alright, fellas, let's break it down. A vacuum beard trimmer is like a turbo-charged beast that puts regular trimmers to shame. While those basic trimmers do the job of taming your facial hair, a vacuum beard trimmer takes it to the next level. It comes armed with a built-in suction system that sucks up those pesky beard hair clippings faster than a cheetah on steroids. That’s really fast.

It’s the ultimate grooming weapon that leaves no trace of your bearded battle behind, just a clean, efficient and downright enjoyable grooming experience.

Ok, but how do they work?

Now that we've got your attention, let's unleash the secret behind the power of a vacuum beard trimmer.

Unlike regular beard trimmers, vacuum beard trimmers incorporate a built-in vacuum feature that absorbs cut hair as you trim, reducing mess and saving you some precious cleaning time. Here's a step-by-step look at how they work:

1. Powering Up: The process begins when you turn on the beard trimmer. A beard trimmer typically runs on rechargeable batteries, although some models can also be plugged into a power source.

2. Cutting the Hair: As with any beard trimmer, the key functional component is the blade. The trimmer is moved across the beard, and the hair comes into contact with the sharp blade, which swiftly cuts it to your desired length.

3. Vacuum Activation: This is where the vacuum beard trimmer sets itself apart. The vacuum system is activated simultaneously with the blades. It typically works with a miniaturized fan, creating a suction effect.

4. Hair Suction: The vacuum system captures the cut hair as soon as it's trimmed. The hair is sucked into a separate chamber in the trimmer, preventing it from scattering around.

5. Hair Storage: The collected hair remains stored in the built-in compartment until you decide to empty it. Most vacuum beard trimmers have a transparent chamber, so you can see when it's time to dispose of the accumulated hair.

6. Cleaning Up: Once you're done trimming, all you need to do is detach the hair collection compartment and empty it into a trash bin. Some models even have washable chambers for a thorough clean. Just be sure to get them dry before your next use

It’s really that easy.

Let’s cut to it - here’s why you absolutely need one

Let's face it - when you’re busy being a beautiful bearded man, you don’t have time to painstakingly clean up a bathroom sink full of beard trimmings.

Enter the vacuum beard trimmer.

Let's break down the major benefits:

Save Time: Time is money, and when it comes to grooming, this beard and mustache trimmer saves you plenty of it. No need to hunch over the sink with a handful of tissue paper, desperately trying to catch every last hair. With a vacuum beard trimmer, your grooming and clean-up can be done in one swift go.

No Mess: The beauty of vacuum beard trimmers lies in their ability to capture hair trimmings as you shave. So you can say goodbye to those pesky little hairs scattered all over your bathroom counter, sink, and even on your toothbrush.

Ease of Use: Vacuum beard trimmers are just as easy to use as regular trimmers, with the added benefit of the vacuum feature. Plus, the transparent chamber lets you see when it's time to empty out the collected hair, keeping your routine as seamless as possible.

Less Complaining: And finally, probably the most important benefit - peace at home. If, like me, you've ever heard, "Alex, why is there beard hair all over the God-damn sink again.”, you'll appreciate the genius of the vacuum beard trimmer as much as I do. Your partner will be thrilled with their hair-free bathroom, and you’ll be thrilled with your new, complaint-free grooming experience.

Think of your vacuum hair clippers as a tiny, personal barber who sweeps up your trimmings right after they've fallen - just without the tip.

See - we told you it’d save you money.

5 Features to Consider When Buying a Vacuum Beard Trimmer

  1. Suction Power: Power is the name of the game when it comes to suction. Look for a trimmer that boasts impressive suction power, leaving no hair behind to challenge your grooming dominion.
  1. Blade Quality: No compromise - you need blades so sharp they’d make a Samurai’s katana blush. This will stop your beard trimmer from catching on skin - which is doubly important if you’re considering using your trimmer *elsewhere* too. Keep an eye out for trimmers with top-notch self-sharpening steel blades that require minimal maintenance, keeping you ready for battle at a moment's notice.
  1. Battery Life: A cordless trimmer is going to be more convenient than its corded counterpart. You’ll be able to use it anywhere, and you’ll avoid the risk of cutting through wires - I’m speaking from experience here. However, cordless trimmers are only as good as their battery life. So, make sure to choose a beard hair trimmer with a battery that can withstand the longest grooming sessions, guaranteeing you get the grooming job done and leave those beard hairs in tip-top condition.
  1. Ergonomic Design: Don’t settle for second-best, you bearded beauty - you deserve top quality. Your grooming weapon should fit your hand like a custom-made glove. Look for trimmers with ergonomic designs and comfortable handles, allowing you to dominate your grooming routine with ease.
  1. Accessories and Attachments: A true warrior knows the value of versatility. Seek out trimmers that come with adjustable length settings and a range of trimming combs, offering you endless styling options for your glorious beard. If you’re prone to inconvenient hairs, it could be worth looking out for a nose hair trimmer too.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for a Vacuum Beard Trimmer

To keep your grooming weapon in peak condition, follow these battle-tested maintenance and cleaning tips:

  1. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance: Show your trimmer some love after each battle. Clean it thoroughly, removing any hair clippings and debris that dare to challenge your grooming supremacy.
  1. Cleaning the Vacuum Chamber and Blades: After each grooming session, dismantle your trimmer like a seasoned warrior and clean the vacuum chamber and blades with precision. Rid them of any trapped hair or residue that could hinder their performance in the heat of battle. Remember, a clean trimmer is a powerful trimmer.
  1. Oiling and Sharpening the Blades: Keep your blades as sharp as the edge of a warrior's sword. Regularly oil and sharpen them to ensure a clean and precise cut. This will ensure that your grooming battles end with a flawless victory.
  1. Storing the Trimmer: Treat your grooming weapon with respect by storing it in a dry and cool place, worthy of its mighty presence. A dedicated storage area will keep it ready for action, ensuring it stays in optimal condition for your next grooming conquest.

3 Best Vacuum Beard Trimmers We’d Trust Our Money With

If you want a top-tier beard, you need top-tier tools, and we’re here to help you find them. We've narrowed down three top-tier vacuum beard trimmers: the VacuTrim Deluxe, Wahl, and Remington. Each boasts unique features and benefits to cater to different needs and preferences. Let's dig into the details:

1. Our Choice: VacuTrim Deluxe Beard Trimmer

The VacuTrim Deluxe doesn't just trim your beard - it turns the process into a fine art. With superior design focused on efficiency, this trimmer guarantees a streamlined grooming routine.

- Advanced Vacuum System: The VacuTrim Deluxe takes cleanliness to a new level, featuring an integrated vacuum system that captures a majority of cut hairs. It's an investment in a mess-free bathroom.

- Precision Trimming: The trimmer offers multiple length settings for precise control over your beard's look. Whether you're shaping a few days' stubble or maintaining a full beard, it's got you covered.

- Impressive Battery Life: With a quick charge time, the VacuTrim Deluxe provides extended cordless use. This means more grooming time with less waiting around.

If you're looking for a trimmer that combines precision, comfort, and tidiness, the VacuTrim Deluxe is your perfect match.

2. Wahl Vacuum Trimmer

The Wahl Vacuum Trimmer has been a trusted choice for many, combining functionality with durability to deliver an exceptional grooming experience.

- Powerful Vacuum: The trimmer features a potent vacuum that significantly reduces the need for post-trim clean-up, simplifying your grooming routine.

- Versatile Settings: The Wahl Vacuum Trimmer comes with multiple guide combs, offering an extensive range of styling options. This is versatility at its finest.

- Built to Last: Wahl is known for its durable and high-quality products. Investing in a Wahl trimmer means investing in a tool built to last.

For those seeking a reliable, heavy-duty trimmer that's made to endure, the Wahl Vacuum Trimmer is the go-to choice.

3. Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Trimmer