Tea Tree Oil for Beard Growth: A Natural Remedy for a Fuller Beard

Alex Cutler

Want a thicker, stronger, and more luscious beard?

You’ve come to the right place.

You’ll no doubt know about the benefits of traditional beard care products like beard oil, balm, and shampoo.

What you might not be so familiar with, however, is tea tree oil. And boy, does it pack a punch.

Not only is this essential oil a powerful anti-inflammatory - when used right, it can even promote new, stronger hair growth.

But what else can tea tree oil do? What are the full benefits? And, more importantly, how do you use tea tree oil for beard care?

We’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll cover the A-Z of tea tree oil for beard care, giving you everything you need to know about this magic ingredient that does it all.

What is Tea Tree Oil?

We’re not gambling folk, but we’re willing to bet you’ve probably heard about tea tree oil.

But what exactly is it, and where does it come from?

Well, tea tree oil is an essential oil from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree found in Australia. And don’t worry, we can’t pronounce that tree's name either…

The name, “tea tree,” comes from its first initial use — as an herbal remedy for the common cold. However, it’s not typically used medicinally anymore.

Instead, tea tree oil has become a favorite ingredient among skin, hair, and beard care brands. In fact, it’s used as a natural alternative to harsh chemical serums.

That’s right, tea tree oil is a non-comedogenic essential oil. This means it’s safe for sensitive and easily irritated skin because it doesn’t clog pores. And that’s like gold dust for beard care products.

But that’s not the only reason this wonder ingredient has become so popular.

Thanks to its rich concentration of antioxidants, nutrients, and plant-based proteins, tea tree oil can also improve hair growth, increase thickness, regulate sebum production, and relieve dandruff.

And that’s not all.

It’s also well-known for its ability to fight acne, prevent athlete’s foot, repel insects, heal small wounds, and be used as a natural deodorant.

However, tea tree oil is an essential oil. That means, while it has holistic benefits, it can also cause irritation for some people. To mitigate this, it’s recommended to dilute tea tree oil with a carrier oil — such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, or argan oil.

Now that you’re starting to understand just how powerful tea tree oil is, let's learn about the benefits of tea tree oil, and how it can achieve these results.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Beard

As you’ve just learned, tea tree oil is an all-natural multi-tasker. Here are some of its most prominent benefits in more detail:

Increased Beard Hair Growth

If you want a beard that just might rival Hagrid’s, you need to start using tea tree oil for beard care.

That’s because tea tree oil is a natural stimulant for beard growth.

Wherever it’s applied, tea tree oil promotes blood circulation. In turn, the extra blood flow provides the ideal conditions for new, and thicker, beard growth.

What that means is you can apply tea tree oil anywhere your beard is patchy or thin, and over time, it could help to fill in those patches. This works the same with a receding hairline or early-onset male baldness.

If you’re struggling with beard growth, you’re not alone. It’s helpful to know the five stages of facial hair growth to better understand where your beard growth is at. It’s also recommended to pick up a beard oil that’ll help your beard grow faster, thicker, and stronger.

Prevents Dandruff

The second most notable benefit of tea tree oil is that it fights off dandruff.

If you’re just starting your beard growth, or you’ve done it before, you’ll know just how itchy and flakey it can get.

Thanks to tea tree oil’s rich antibacterial properties, it will calm the incessant need to scratch. That, in turn, means less dry skin, which is a common cause of dandruff.

So say goodbye to the snowflakes covering your table and bathroom sink, and hello to your new soft and smooth beard.

Repels Beard Acne

If not properly cleaned, your beard hair is bound to get dirty.

And that means acne is only a few steps away.

Beards, especially thick ones, are great at trapping everything from excess beard oil to, dead skin cells and acne-causing bacteria.

Luckily, a simple tea tree beard oil treatment can be incredibly effective. By applying it on a regular basis, it will help hair follicles to protect new hair growth against bacteria, fungi, and even viruses.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Beard

So you know what it is and what it does, but how do you apply it? When should you apply it? And where can you find it?

Don’t worry, we’ve got answers.

Where Can You Find It?

The first question you’re probably wondering is where to buy tea tree oil for beard care.

Does it require a special trip to an all-natural health store? What about a high-end beauty parlor?

Actually, it’s a lot more accessible than that.

You can find this handy little essential oil at your local pharmacy or supermarket. This will be the most concentrated and simplest form — meaning you’ll need to dilute it into a tea tree beard oil to use it safely.

But don’t worry, we’ll cover exactly how to do that below.

Additionally, you can always purchase a beard oil that includes tea tree oil. That way, you’ll receive all the benefits without the need to dilute it.

How To Apply Tea Tree Oil To Your Beard in Three Steps

Let’s say you went out and bought that tea tree extract you’ve been eyeing at your local grocery store.

You bring it home, ready to spread it into your beard, but what’s next?

Well, the most popular way of applying it is to create a homemade tea tree beard oil. It’s simple, easy, and effective.

Here’s how you can do that in three simple steps:

Step 1: Dilute the tea tree oil. To do this, mix 10-20 drops of tea tree oil with 30ml of a carrier oil of your choice. For hair and beard care, some of the best carrier oils are argan, coconut, and jojoba oil. There you have it - your own tea tree beard oil.

Step 2: Massage the oil into your beard. Start with the skin underneath and work your way toward the ends of your facial hair. If you have an especially thick or long beard, you may need to add additional oil.

Step 3: Let your beard air dry. Resist the temptation to touch or feel it for about 15 minutes after massaging in your beard oil. After letting it sit, use a high-quality beard brush to comb any excess oil out of the beard — leaving you with that perfect shine.

How Often Should You Use Tea Tree Oil For Your Beard?

The frequency you apply tea tree oil to your beard depends on a few things.

Firstly, it depends on the state of your facial hair. If your beard is thick and healthy, you can use it two or three times a week.

However, if your beard is shedding and you’re dealing with a severe case of beardruff, use it more often — about once a day in the morning.

Furthermore, you might notice some irritation when using tea tree oil regularly. That usually means you’re using it too often.

Risks and Side Effects

Nothing is free of downsides, not even a wonder ingredient like tea tree oil. And while tea tree oil is mainly safe, it’s important to be aware of possible side effects.


The most common side effect when using tea tree oil, or any essential oil for that matter, is skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin, it’s worth keeping an eye out for this one.

While skin irritation isn’t a big cause for concern, if left untreated, it can decrease beard growth. And that is a cause for concern.

Skin irritation can appear in a few different ways. You might notice stinging, redness of your skin