From Caveman to King: A Review of the King C Gillette Beard Trimmer

Alex Cutler

Beards have been with us since cavemen were debating club sizes. Back then tending to them was a hair-raising business. Imagine brandishing clam shells or flints for a quick trim – ouch.

With the dawn of steel, we gladly tossed primitive tools into the history bin and welcomed the razor with cheerful, bristling anticipation. Then came the electric trimmer, heralding an era where beard care was less of a caveman wrestling match and more like sculpting a masterpiece.

As beard styles have oscillated between the Ernest Hemingway-esque and the polished Bandholz worthy of a Chris Evans red-carpet appearance, one brand has been the faithful whisker-whisperer – Gillette. Thanks to King Camp Gillette’s disposable razor in 1895, beard care turned from a prickly affair into a cherished routine.

Now, cast aside the history books and meet a staple of the Gillette family – the King C Gillette beard trimmer. It's not just a trimmer but a boon for the budget-friendly beard. 

It’s our pleasure to review a trimmer from a brand with over a century’s worth of experience in all things hairy, so let’s jump straight into it.

Detailing the King C Gillette Beard Trimmer

The King C Gillette beard trimmer, a stroke of ergonomic genius, fits snugly in your palm like your favorite stein of ale. Designed for cordless operation, it's as free-spirited as the wild yonder, offering you the convenience of trimming your beard whenever and wherever you fancy.

With a lineup of features designed for the modern beard aficionado, the beard trimmer box includes an adjustable guard, three interchangeable comb attachments for hassle-free cleaning, an LED display to monitor battery life, and – best of all – it comes equipped with self-sharpening blades.

There’s a well-placed slider for turning the trimmer on and off ensures you won't accidentally switch modes mid-trim. How's that for attention to detail? Plus, everything neatly packs away in the provided storage pouch, keeping your grooming gear as organized as a royal guard.

The accessories also include a fixed 1 mm stubble comb for those who prefer their beard on the shorter side and two beard comb attachments – a short beard comb with settings from 3 to 9 and 11mm and a long beard comb for the more adventurous, with options for 13 to 21mm. 

In the world of beard trimming, this is like having an entire barber's toolkit at your disposal for much less than a visit to the salon.

Functionality-wise, this trimmer plays the field well, catering to beards of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're sporting a simple goatee, a sophisticated hipster, or the full-blown lumberjack, this versatile tool gets down to business, ensuring your chosen style is always on point.

Reaping the Benefits of the King C Gillette Beard Trimmer

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Now, let's dive into the knightly merits of this majestic tool and give you some tips on how to use it effectively.


When it comes to precision, the King C Gillette beard trimmer has it in spades. Equipped with self-sharpening lifelong sharp blades, this royal companion ensures a clean and even trim that even the fussiest barber would be proud of. 

With this masterful tool in your arsenal, a well-groomed beard isn't just a dream, it's your daily reality.

Ease of Use

This isn't just a trimmer, it's your key to styling mastery. The Gillette beard trimmer offers the kind of ease of use that makes achieving your ideal beard style as effortless as a royal wave. 

The adjustable guard and detachable blades make it so simple you'll be carving out a jaw-dropping beard in no time. Plus, with the rechargeable battery, you'll never have to deal with a power outage mid-trim.

Clean and Even Trim

An uneven beard may be a strong look if you're a blind woodsman, but if it's a clean and even trim you're after, King C is a solid option

The washable heads ensure no performance loss, keeping your trimmer functioning at its best, so your beard can look its best. It's not just about maintaining a well-groomed beard but about mastering it.

Suitable for Home and Professional Use

Whether you're trimming your whiskers at home or taking it pro, the King C Gillette beard trimmer is your go-to tool. 

It's as versatile as a Swiss army knife yet as specialized as a royal scepter. Not to mention, it knows how to play nice with beard oil. Use it with our 3 oils to achieve that extra level of softness and shine. 

It’s boxed up with a cleaning brush and performance loss washable head which make cleaning and trimmer lubrication a breeze. A few drops of oil and this bad boy is ready to tackle any hairy situation, making it an excellent choice both for home and professional use.

Clash of the Budget Trimmers: King C Gillette vs. The Rest

Here, we’ll put the King C Gillette beard trimmer under the microscope and pit it against three other knights of the grooming round table. We’ve selected three trimmers with similar price tags and features, so let’s see how they stack up.

Panasonic ER-GB42-K Cordless Beard Trimmer

With 19 adjustable settings and a precision 45-degree blade cutting system, the Panasonic ER-GB42-K is a true competitor. Its ergonomic grip is a boon, and the wet and dry feature offers a flexible grooming experience. 

But does it stand toe to toe with the Gillette beard care line? While it sports a similar price tag, King C Gillette boasts self-sharpening blades for lifelong sharpness versus Panasonic's traditional blade system. 

Also, with its washable head, the King ensures no performance loss, whereas Panasonic's precision may wane over time.

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ConairMAN All-in-One Face and Body Trimmer

The ConairMAN is a Jack of all trades, tackling everything from your chin curtain to your soul patchshoe brush. 

It's cordless and wet/dry compatible, much like our reigning champ. Yet, while the ConairMAN is cheaper, remember - you get what you pay for. The ConairMAN's blades require replacement, unlike King C Gillette’s lifelong sharp blades. Plus, King C Gillette’s performance doesn't falter even after a wash, ensuring its longevity reigns supreme.

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Remington Beard Boss Trimmer

The Remington Beard Boss trimmer tries to level the playing field with its 10-setting adjustable comb and extended neck for precision. 

It prides itself on its stainless steel blades and up to 180 minutes of cordless runtime. However, King C Gillette still emerges as the front-runner in terms of durability and effectiveness. 

Its self-sharpening blades are unrivaled, ensuring you always get a clean, even trim. Plus, the King C Gillette boasts versatility, making it suitable for both home and professional use – a claim the Beard Boss cannot make.

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When it comes to quality, durability, and effectiveness, King C Gillette beard trimmer stands in a league of its own. It's the royal flush in a deck of grooming tools, proving that while many can play the game, only one can sit on the throne.

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