How To Grow A Goatee In 5 Simple Steps

Alex Cutler

The goatee beard is a classic piece of facial hair - and with good reason.

The goatee style is subtle, but it can still stand out in a crowded room. It can sharpen a weak chin, but it's not overbearing. It's simple to manage, but versatile enough for multiple styles.

However, if you want to become the proud owner of your own goatee beard, you'll need to understand how to nurture and refine this timeless look.

Although goatee beard growth may seem easy to pull off, there's a big difference between a well-groomed beard and a scruffy patch of facial hair.

But don't worry - as your resident goatee experts, we're here to help. Let's run through the basics of the goatee style, and outline 5 simple steps for a perfect beard.

How long does it take to grow a goatee?

Like any beard style, growing a solid goatee takes time. You'll likely need around 1-3 months of consistent beard growth to begin shaping and styling your beard hair into the goatee style - the key is to stay patient and avoid the temptation to trim your beard before it's ready.

Although your ideal goatee may be tightly-groomed and compact, you'll still need to grow out a fuller beard that can be trimmed down into a facial hair masterpiece.

How old do you need to be to grow a goatee?

Beard growth is heavily dependent on genetics, meaning people will start to develop facial hair at different stages. Many individuals will begin to see their beard hair grow around the age of 18, but some men may only experience facial hair growth by the time they're 30.

Slow beard growth and patchy hairs can be frustrating, but try not to lose patience with your hair follicles. They're probably trying their hardest.

You can also examine external factors (i.e. your diet and exercise routine) to see if there's room for improvement. Lifestyle choices can make a huge impact on your hair growth - check out this handy guide to learn more.

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How to grow a goatee in 5 steps

Growing a beard isn't rocket science - but if you want to perfect the goatee style, you'll need to follow a few basic steps.

1. Pick a style (and make sure it’s right for your face)

The first thing to consider is whether the goatee beard is right for your face.

The goatee shape is ideal for sharpening weaker jawlines and rounder faces, so if you fall into either of these categories, feel free to proceed with Operation Goatee Beard.

You'll then need to think about the style of goatee that you'd like. Goatees come in all shapes and sizes, from the dashing disconnected goatee to the bold chin puff.

Pick a style that works for your face, and then commit to your beard growth.

2. Stop shaving - give it at least 4 weeks

Before you start shaping and pruning your dream goatee, you're going to need a decent baseline of hair growth.

That means you need to let your beard grow for at least a month.

Avoid the temptation to shave or trim your beard. There may be an awkward stage of hair growth in the first few weeks, but if you can stick with the plan, you'll find it much easier to achieve your ideal beard shape.

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3. Buy a quality beard trimmer

If you want to grow a glorious piece of facial hair, then you'll need to equip yourself with the right tools. In this case, you'll need a reliable beard trimmer that can help you deftly shape your goatee, remove excess hair, and manage your beard length.

Not sure which electric trimmer is right for your new beard? We'd recommend the Phillips Norelco range.

These quality trimmers feature self-sharpening blades and a wide range of adjustable guards that can be used to deliver your ideal goatee length and chin shape.

4. Trim surrounding hair a little at a time

Once you're wielding a capable beard trimmer, be careful not to rush in with reckless shaving.

Take things slow and steady whenever you're trimming your goatee. Use a precision setting or guard on your trimmer, and work carefully around your desired goatee shape.

Focus on maintaining clean corners around your jawline, cheeks, and mouth. You should also check on your progress in the mirror every few minutes to make sure that you're heading in the right direction - if everything is looking neat and symmetrical, you're good to go.

Remember, you can always trim more beard bristles and mustache hairs, but you can't re-attach whiskers to your face. Unless you're planning something drastic with a glue stick, which we wouldn't ever recommend.

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5. Finish with a safety razor for an even, tidy look

While an electric trimmer provides you with precise beard management, a safety razor will help you to add the finishing touches to your goatee.

Use a new razor to tidy up any stray patches of hair and ensure a clean shave. Keeping the rest of your face neat and tidy will help your goatee to stand out - just remember to direct a manual razor away from your goatee to avoid accidentally shaving off your beard.

Keep your goatee healthy and itch-free with beard oil

To keep your beard looking as happy and healthy as possible, make sure that you're regularly applying high-quality beard oil.

Beard oils work to soften and strengthen your goatee hair, prevent the dreaded beard itch, and even protect the skin underneath your hair from dryness and irritation.

Wondering which beard oil is right for your new goatee? Take a look at our guide to the best beard oils on the market, or alternatively, check out our own product range.

Our all-natural beard oils are expertly crafted in small batches, and produced in England by a team of experienced chemists and perfumers. Even better, we ship to the UK and USA in just 3-7 days - so you can start moisturising and nourishing your facial hair in no time.

If you're on a mission to grow an elegant goatee, just remember these golden rules - be patient with your facial hair growth, don't rush the trimming process, and invest in some quality beard oil to maintain a great beard.