Mission Beard Review: Duke Cannon’s Best Damn Beard Balm

Alex Cutler

In the concrete jungle where we beard-bearing warriors wage our daily battles, our beards aren't just accessories, they're badges of honor. They echo our grit, our resolve, and our hard-won victories. And like any prized possession, they deserve nothing but the best.

That's why today, we're taking a deep dive into Duke Cannon's Best Damn Beard Balm. This isn't just a tin of balm – it's a sensory journey, a welcome reprieve from the relentless grind, and a promise of loving care and nourishment for your trusty facial comrade.

From the first moment you open the balm, you are transported – standing amidst lush woodlands, the wind tenderly teasing your beard, and the deep, earthy aroma of freshly split cedar encompassing you like a comforting embrace.

It's more than just a portable redwood forest, Duke Cannon is a call to your inner woodsman. It signals victory over the endless pavement pounding, transforming the unruly and disheveled beard from rogue to regal.

So, my fellow beardsmen, join me as we explore this tribute to facial hair, the touted savior of urban beards – Duke Cannon.

What’s in the Tin?


Let's dive right into the heart of Duke Cannon's Best Beard Balm – its ingredients.

Each element in this superior-grade concoction serves a purpose, carefully selected to create an impressive team, working in harmony to protect a man's beard from the harsh realities of the urban wilderness.

Delicious and Nutritious Butters

Starting our line-up, we have organic shea butter and cocoa butter. These moisturizing molecules are known for their hydrating properties, keeping your beard as soft and touchable as a teddy bear (but in a manly way).

Image: Duke Cannon & Shopify

Organic Oils

Next up, we have the organic oils – lanolin oil, apricot kernel oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil. These superior grade-ingredients keep your whiskers strong, strengthening each strand and promoting healthy growth, all while adding a radiant sheen that would be the envy of every beardsman on the block.

Monoterpenes (Essential Oil)

But it's not all about looks, is it? Your beard should smell as good as it appears. That's where the organic orange essential oil and clove essential oils step in. Their subtly invigorating scent keeps your beard smelling fresh, while their antimicrobial properties help keep any unruly bacteria in check.


Beeswax, another key player in this beard-protecting brigade, offers a light hold to your beard, keeping the strays in line and allowing you to style your mane as you please.


Then we have the formidable trio of vitamin E, organic rosemary extract, and calendula Extract.

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant, protecting your beard from environmental stressors. Meanwhile, rosemary extract stimulates growth, and calendula Extract soothes and repairs the face underneath, preventing the dreaded beard itch.

The Smelly Stuff

Lastly, a nod to the fragrance in our midst – the mysterious whisper of pleasant woodsy fragrance encapsulated in this product. It's this element that lends the balm its characteristic aroma of redwood scent, painting a vivid picture of untamed nature with every use.

Unleashing the Forest – A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Duke Cannon

Let's dive right into the art of applying this superior beard balm. Remember, even the most luxurious product can fall short if not used properly.

So, here's your step-by-step guide to making the most out of Duke Cannon's Beard Balm:

1. Start with a Clean, Dry Beard: It should be clean and dry. Use your favorite beard wash and pat it dry gently.

2. Take a Small Amount of Balm: A little goes a long way. Scoop a chestnut-sized amount of the balm using the back of your thumbnail.

3. Warm it Up: Rub the balm between your palms until it melts and becomes easy to apply. This step activates the balm and makes it easier to distribute evenly.

4. Apply the Balm: Stroke your beard, starting from the neck and chin, working upwards, making sure the balm is evenly distributed.

5. Brush or Comb: After applying the balm, use your trusty high-quality beard brush and comb to evenly distribute it and style your beard as you please.

Consistency is Key: The Benefits of Regular Use

Image: UnSplash

Regular use of Duke Cannon's Beard Balm does more than just make your beard look good – it keeps it in top health. Let's explore some benefits of this beard conditioning superhero.


The ingredients in the balm work together to condition your beard, making it soft and touchable. Because there’s nothing worse than scratchy beards.


Say goodbye to unruly, messy beards. Regular use of this balm gives you control over your beard, helping you style it as you wish.


The organic oils in the balm nourish your beard, promoting healthy growth and a radiant sheen.

Skin Care

The balm isn't just for your beard. It’s also great for your skin, which is just as important – after all, your beard grows out of it, so you want to keep it happy too.

The Duke Versus the Rest: How Does it Stack Up Against Other Brands?

In a world where beards rule and balms are their loyal allies, Duke Cannon's Best Damn Beard Balm stands out from the crowd. But how does it compare to its competitors? Let's break it down, category by category.


First off, Duke Cannon's Beard Balm doesn't just talk the talk, it walks the walk. Its blend of ingredients transforms your beard from drab to fab, offering a softer touch, a healthier look, and above all, a manageable beard.

Trust me, your beard will be sending thank you notes for the upgrade.


In terms of safety, this beard balm is the gentle giant you've been seeking. It's packed with organic ingredients that are kind to both your beard and skin, so you won't need to worry about any nasty side effects.

It's as if your beard's well-being is wrapped in a safety blanket.


We all know that one brand that’s either too hard to scoop out or ends up making your palms greasier than a fast-food joint.

Well, Duke Cannon plays no such games. This balm hits the sweet spot in consistency – not too hard, not too soft.

It's like Goldilocks herself blessed this can of balm.


Duke Cannon's Beard Balm exudes a distinctive scent that's as magnetic as the allure of the wilderness - a potent, woodsy whiff that echoes the depth of a redwood forest.

However, if woodland whispers aren't your cup of tea, don't dismiss Duke just yet. For those who savor the cozy, intoxicating ambiance of a warmly-lit bar, their spiced bourbon variant might just be your ticket.


At $15 per tin at the Duke's official store, this balm is a worthwhile investment in your beard's future.

It's like buying your beard a first-class ticket to the land of health and style. And with the generous 1.6 oz serving, it's more of a long-term relationship than a fleeting affair.

Your Burning Beard Questions, Answered

Let's face it: we all have questions about our beards and how to best care for them. So, we've put together a handy FAQ section to put your bearded mind at ease.

1. Is beard balm good for your beard?

In a word, yes! Beard balm is like the secret sauce to a happy, healthy beard. It moisturizes, conditions, and provides a light hold for styling. It's packed with natural oils and butters that nourish your beard, promoting growth and health.

2. Do you put beard balm on a wet or dry beard?

For best results, apply beard balm to a dry beard. Water can interfere with the balm's effectiveness and prevent it from being properly absorbed. Want to learn more about the art of beard balm application?

3. What is the shelf life of Duke Cannon Beard Balm?

Duke Cannon's Best Damn Beard Balm will stay at its best for about 12 to 18 months once opened, provided it's stored in a cool, dry place. It's all thanks to the natural preservatives in the ingredients.

4. Can you overuse beard balm?

While Duke Cannon's Beard Balm is a marvelous thing, too much of anything isn't always a good idea. Overusing beard balm could lead to a greasy beard or clogged pores.

5. Can I use beard balm twice a day?

While it's generally recommended to use beard balm once a day, it's not set in stone. If you feel your beard needs a little extra TLC or you're exposed to harsh conditions, you may opt instead to use beard oil in lieu of the second dose of balm.

Balms and oils aren’t synonymous however, for an insight into the differences, read the matchup and get up to speed.

6. Does beard balm have side effects?

Generally, beard balms made with natural ingredients, like Duke Cannon's, are safe and side-effect-free.

However, if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to any of the ingredients, it could cause irritation. Always do a patch test first to ensure the product suits you.

The Mission Beard Verdict

Image: Pexels

As our exploration of Duke Cannon's Best Damn Beard Balm comes to a close, we can say one thing with certainty – it truly is a mighty ally for every beard-bearing warrior in the concrete jungle. Its superior grade ingredients like shea butter, premium travel tin, and fair pricing make it a top contender in the realm of beard care products.

Whether you're battling the frizzies, the itchies, or the unrulies, remember that a good beard balm can make all the difference. Duke Cannon understands that well, crafting a product that goes beyond just good. It's one of the best damn beard balms we've encountered so far.

Interested in more insider tips on achieving beard greatness? Head over to Mission Beard for a treasure trove of beard wisdom, grooming tips, and advice on obtaining a well manicured beard.

Because, after all, a beard is a glorious thing… and it deserves the very best.