How To Make Beard Oil at Home [9 DIY beard oil recipes]

Alex Cutler

Growing a badass beard comes with certain responsibilities.

One of those responsibilities is regular care and maintenance with beard care products.

And some of those products, like beard oil, can get expensive if you're using them on the regular.

Don't worry. There's good news. If you're willing to put in the effort, you can make beard oil at home for a fraction of the price of store-bought products. And in this article, we're going to show you how.

Read on to discover how to make beard oil, complete with DIY beard oil recipes and ingredient recommendations from the team at Mission Beard.


How to make beard oil

Making beard oil couldn't be easier. It's incredibly effective at growing and maintaining facial hair, it beats out even the healthiest supplements for beard care and - best of all - it's pretty affordable. Let's dive in to our beard oil recipes now.

First things first - get your beard oil base ingredients

When it comes to making your own beard oil, the quality of your ingredients is everything. Wherever possible, opt for organic, premium quality ingredients from well-known brands in your area to guarantee an effective final product.

For our beard oil recipe, you're going to need to pick up the following key ingredients:

Jojoba oil

Want to soften and smooth coarse beard hairs and stop itching in its tracks? Jojoba oil is the one for the job. Packed full of valuable fatty acids, jojoba oil is structurally close to sebum oil - the stuff your pores secrete to naturally keep your beard hairs hydrated at shorter lengths.

Argan oil

Just like jojoba oil, argan oil will help to tame wild beard hairs and keep the underlying skin hydrated. This brilliant carrier oil won't block your pores either, meaning you won't run the risk of irritating your skin and getting spots or itchiness.

Sweet almond oil

Full of Vitamin E, sweet almond oil can help protect your beard from UV damage and keep both hair and underlying skin hydrated. This oil is more readily available than jojoba oil and argan oil, and that's reflected in the price. To stop your costs skyrocketing, we'll be including some sweet almond oil in the recipe - but don't worry, your final product will be just as good because you don't need a lot of argan oil and jojoba oil to reap their benefits.


Do not, and we repeat, do not, mix your beard oil recipe with a kitchen spoon. Although brilliant for your face, digesting some of the ingredients in beard oil isn't going to do you any favours. For that reason, it's well worth picking up a spatula to keep just for your beard oil endeavours.

Droppers for measuring quantities

Disposable pipettes are going to be a huge help in this recipe. Not only will they help you measure out carrier oil and essential oil quantities, they'll also save you a lot of time and mess by getting your finished beard oil into your bottles easily.

Glass dropper bottles

No beard oil recipe is complete without a high-quality glass bottle to hold your final product. Glass is better than plastic because the ingredients in beard oil can gradually erode plastic, and you don't want to be putting that on your face.

Disposable gloves

Essential oils are highly concentrated and can be harsh on skin. They have the potential to cause irritation and reactions if they come into direct, concentrated contact. As a result, it's always safer to wear gloves when working with essential oils.

Next up - decide on your fragrance and grab your essential oils

In this recipe, we're using essential oils to add natural fragrance to your beard oil. Unlike artificial fragrance oils, essential oils occur naturally in plants, trees and fruits and are packed full of their own benefits.

Important note: Some essential oils contain allergens, so we'll need to keep an eye on quantities. It's also recommended that you patch test before use just in case you encounter any previously unknown allergies.

Essential oils are expensive, but fortunately you only need a few drops of each essential oil per 30ml/1oz bottle of beard oil, and companies sell them in similarly small quantities.

9 beard oil fragrance blends for you to make at home

The Mission Beard team has pulled together some of our favourite, easy-to-make essential oil blends from our own experience and around the internet. All you need to do is pick the one you like the sound of, pick up the ingredients and add it to the recipe above to give it a try.

Note: the quantities listed in these blends make 1 bottle of beard oil. To make 3 bottles like in the recipe above, multiply the amounts by 3.

1. Citrus Woodsman

Top notes of orange, a medicinal middle of tea tree, tied together with a rich base of cedarwood.


2. Evening Unwind

Looking to relax after a long day and unwind ready for bed? This blend of lavender, eucalyptus and patchouli essential oils is a great option to try.


3. The Revitaliser

Lemon and geranium top notes give you a refreshing wake-up slap, perfect for energising before a long day.


4. Floral Twist

Citrusy bergamot and geranium give this blend of essential oils a unique yet irresistibly floral scent.


5. Black Citrus

The green, slightly floral aroma of black peppercorns underpins this zesty blend of essential oils.


6. Winter Wood

Looking for something to keep your senses warm during the holiday season? This blend of rich sandalwood, cinnamon and nutmeg essential oils is for you.


7. Pine Forest

The unmistakable refreshing scent of pine and cedarwood meet the unique charm of cypress in this essential oil blend.


8. Citrus Cedar

A beautiful mix of cedarwood, lime and bergamot essential oils come together in this refreshing woodsy and citrus essential oil blend.


9. Citrus Mint

A truly irresistible, minty combination for your facial hair. The cedarwood is optional but helps to tie the blend together nicely with a rich, woodsy base.