22+ costumes with real beards for Halloween and beyond

Alex Cutler

Got beard? We've got great news - you've already got a headstart towards some brilliant costumes.

Whether it's a casual fancy dress party, a Halloween costume or even a full-on cosplay, having a solid beard opens up a lot of opportunities for dress-up and wow your friends and the public.

But knowing where to get started isn't always easy - and once you've got an idea, figuring out how to build a costume around it can be a real challenge. That's where we come in. We've pulled together a list of beard costume ideas to get your creativity off the ground. Read on to find out more.

22 beard costume ideas to try out this year

1. ZZ Top

The drummer's name is Frank Beard. No joke. If you're looking for funny Halloween costume ideas, this could be fate talking to you.

The best bet? There are 3 members in ZZ Top - 2 of whom have beards. So, if you've got a pal with a face mane (and another who's less follically-gifted), this could be the perfect trio costume.

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2. Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead

Source: Mike Powell on Pinterest

"Carl! Carl!"

Start practising your southern accent now and grab that cowboy hat, because Sheriff Rick from The Walking Dead is rolling into town and he ain't playing games. Grab yourself a shirt, a sheriff hat, a badge, and dirty yourself up a bit. You're good to go.

Considering a Rick Grimes costume? Get started with this shirt:

3. Joel & Ellie from The Last of Us

Credit: Lucid Vision Cosplay

This was my first ever beard costume idea. All it took was the checked green shirt in my wardrobe, a first-aid kit and a brick (for Ellie). It's a quick and easy costume that's perfect for any bearded guys with darker hair.

4. Geralt from The Witcher

Credit: Greyloch on Flickr

We're on a video game theme, so let's stick with it for now. The Witcher was a cult favourite for years, and that was before Henry Caville stole the show in the Netflix series and thrust this incredible saga into the limelight.

If you're willing to put in the groundwork, Geralt would make an awesome bearded costume for anyone with longer, blonde hair. And if you're willing to dye your hair out of commitment to the cosplay cause, we salute you.

5. Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation

"There's only one thing I hate more than lying. Skim milk. Which is water lying about being milk."

Rocking a moustache? Willing to shave your beard? Happy to buy a fake one? Look no further than Ron Swanson, the epitome of old-school manly man. Grab some chino pants, a belt, a polo shirt and tuck that sucker in. You're ready to rock.

6. Ron Burgundy from Anchorman

"I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany."

Next up - our next favourite Ron. Ron Burgundy from Anchorman is a cult classic costume that's guaranteed to turn heads and get attention. Pick up a cheap, flamboyantly-coloured suit online, coiffeur that hair and grab a glass of scotch.

7. Al Pacino from Serpico

Got longer hair, and a group of friends who will get a somewhat obscure 70's film reference? Look no further than Al Pacino in Serpico. A much less common Halloween costume for guys with beards, your Serpico outfit will be all the more impressive.

8. Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings

Got beard? If so, there's a great chance you can rock the Ragnar Lothbrok look from the Netflix hit show, Vikings. Drawing over 6 million viewers, Vikings is a series that drew series eyeballs, so a costume based on it is bound to get the recognition it deserves. And plus, it gives you an excuse to grow out your beard. What more could you want?

9. Obi-Wan Kenobi


A decades-long favourite of Halloween costumes across the world, and not without good reason. Obi-Wan Kenobi is a timeless look from a cult classic film saga and works perfectly for guys with mid-length beards.

With the unrivalled popularity of Star Wars further amplified by The Mandalorian and even a show dedicated to Obi-Wan himself, picking up a Halloween costume for this master of the force shouldn't pose a problem if you don't fancy making one yourself.

10. Kratos costume

God of War was one of the highest-rated and most played Playstation games of all time, finding a spot in the library of avid and casual gamers alike.

Bald and bearded Kratos, the protagonist of the game series and the divine personification of strength, is one of the best costume ideas out there for gamers. Don't fancy shaving your head? If you've already got the facial hair, you're only a bald cap away from nailing this Halloween costume.

11. Aquaman costume