23 Best Beard Balms to Tempt You in 2023

Alex Cutler

I like my beard frizzy, unruly, smelling bad, and full of beardruff.

Said no-one, ever.

Keeping your beard in tact is a commitment, but for those brave enough to tackle the challenge, it’s made easier with the help of beard balm.

If you’re new to beard balm, get ready. It’s about to change your life. A beard balm works to moisturise, condition, and smooth your beard, while leaving it smelling amazing. You can apply beard balm on a freshly-washed beard for extra hold when styling, a few minutes after using beard oil.

Wave goodbye to beardruff and frizz, and hello to a soft, non-itchy beard (and the inevitable side effect of strangers following you asking why you smell so darn good).

Not sure where to start with building a beard balm collection? We’ve got you covered with some of our favourites.

We’ve made it easy for you with a list of categories and our chosen winner from each category. Want to smell great? We’ve got a list of scented beard balms just for you. On a budget? Our value for money category will save you those all-important bucks.

Let’s get into it.


Mission Beard Category Winners:

These products have been hand-picked by our expert team of beard consultants to win the coveted Mission Beard award.

Our current favorite

Beardbrand - Utility Balm

This versatile Utility Balm from Beardbrand is ideal for discerning beard-lovers looking for an all-in-one grooming product. Not only will the natural butters and beeswax in the balm keep your bristles fully nourished and conditioned, but they’ll also provide any dry skin with some much-needed moisturising goodness.

We can't get enough of the ‘Old Money’ fragrance from BeardBrand, so if you're spoiled for choice, we recommend you start there. We’re talking 23 exquisite fragrance notes that evoke ideas of rich mahogany, smoky whiskey, and earthy leather - an irresistible blend for any classy beardsman.

Best luxury beard balm (+ exclusive reader discount)

Zousz beard balm

If you think of a more luxurious scent than black oud, tell us, but quite frankly, we can’t. This silky smooth beard balm is worth every cent, with its sensual, earthy fragrance and ingredients that tame wild beards.

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or the bearded man in your life, this luxurious balm makes the perfect high-quality gift.

And guess what?

We love Zousz so much, that we reached out to them and have secured 10% off for all of our readers.

That's right. You won't find it cheaper.

Get a little luxury for less. Use code: MISSIONBEARD at checkout to get 10% off your ZOUSZ order.

Best scented beard balm overall

Captain Fawcett’s Barberism Beard Balm

Before we get started we should probably confess, we’re Captain Fawcett superfans. The brand is known for churning out products that not only do what they (literally) say on the tin, but they smell absolutely amazing with it.

Although we struggle to break away from our favourite Captain Fawcett scent, Booze & Baccy, whenever we do we're more than pleasantly surprised. Barberism is no exception. Built on Captain Fawcett's nourishing balm base and topped with a woody, citrusy scent, Barberism holds its ground as one of the best scented beard balms out there.

Best woodsy beard balm

Grave before Shave Aphrodisiac

Is there a manlier scent than leather and cedarwood? We don’t think so, and your partner (or crush) won’t either. When it comes to products for bearded men, there are few companies doing it better than Grave before Shave and there’s simply no better beard balm than this one for woodsy scent lovers.

With a (yeah, we’re gonna go there) scent that’s genuinely sexy and natural ingredients that gently condition and tame even the most unruly of manes, this beard balm is definitely worth the investment. Your beard will thank you.

Best value for money beard balm

Viking Revolution 4 pack

This isn’t necessarily the cheapest product on our list, but boy is it the best value for money. The only thing better than a high quality beard balm is four of the best beard balms on the market, and that’s what you get in this four pack from popular brand, Viking Revolution.

With ingredients that promise to soften both your beard and the skin beneath it, using these balms on the regular will revolutionise your beard care routine. A viking revolution, some might say…

Best big-name beard balm

Bulldog Original Beard Balm

One of the most iconic beard balms on the market, Bulldog’s Original simply never misses. Not only does it offer excellent value for money, but it actually works. With just a small amount of this magic balm, you can transform even the unruliest of beards into soft, shiny, perfectly shaped facial hair.

Category #1 - Best scented beard balm

Not only do beard balms leave your facial hair soft, shiny, and conditioned, but they also leave it smelling amazing. After all, with such proximity to your nose, having a nicely scented beard balm is non-negotiable!

1. Captain Fawcett’s Barberism


Captain Fawcett has carved an unparalleled reputation for creating top-of-the-range men’s care products, and Barberism Beard Balm is no exception. Featuring all-natural ingredients including more than eight essential oils, Barberism leaves your beard looking, feeling, and smelling amazing.

Flyaways? Never heard of them. Greasy-feeling? A thing of the past. We are low-key obsessed with Captain Fawcett’s products, but it’s for good reason, we promise.

Product overview:

Size: 60ml
Scent: Orange

Customers reported: pleasant scent, provides good hold, conditions beard, moisturises skin.

2. Grave Before Shave Cigar Blend


Negative health impacts aside, cigars are pretty damn cool. And cigar scented bear balm? Even cooler.

With one of the richest aromas on the market, this beard balm helps to tame unruly beards while deeply conditioning your facial hair using only the finest-quality oils and butters.

Product overview:

Size: 2oz
Scent: Cigar/vanilla

Customers reported: gives shine and softness, smells great, good consistency, softens the beard.

3. Scotch Porter


Scotch Porter’s Beard Balm is kinda the ‘popular guy from school’ of the beard balm world. The packaging is slick, the scent is musky, and even though it looks too cool to be ethical, it actually boasts vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.

With biotin to help your beard grow while reducing frizz and fly-aways, this beard balm is one of the best beard balms on the market for scent, affordability, and effectivness.

Product overview:

Size: 3oz
Scent: Sandalwood, spice, and musk

Customers reported: helps beard growth, keeps beard manageable, scent is great but not overbearing, leaves beard soft.

4. Reuzel


What do you get when you combine moisturising ingredients shea butter and argan oil with a spicy, masculine scent for the softest, best-smelling beard on the block? Reuzel’s Beard Balm.

Formulated especially to tame wild beards and soften coarse hair, this beard balm makes your beard appear thicker and keeps it smooth throughout the day.

Product overview:

Size: 1.3oz
Scent: Wood and spice

Customers reported: best beard balm, provides good hold, great scent, nourishing, excellent results.

5. Grave before Shave Gentlemen’s Blend


Grave before Shave are known for making some of the best-smelling beard balms out there, and the Gentleman’s Blend is no exception. Protect your manual mane with natural ingredients including oils and butters that soften, condition, and leave your beard smelling absolutely amazing.

Product overview:

Size: 2oz
Scent: Bourbon and sandalwood

Customers reported: softens facial hair, makes beard easy to shape, good hold, great scent.

6. Profit and Tools Beard Balm


Many beard balms come with woodsy, musky scents, but if you’re in the market for something more fresh and fruity, look no further than this citrus scented beard balm by Profit and Tools.

With fast melt technology, this balm is suitable for all beard colours and types and holds any look in place. It absorbs quickly, so wave goodbye to greasy residues. Plus, it’s organic, alcohol free, vegan and cruelty-free.

Product overview:

Size: 60g
Scent: Citrus

Customers reported: smells good, easy to apply, only need a small amount, tames hair.

Category #2 - Best woodsy beard balm

Beards make you 253% manlier. Do you know what else is manly? Chopping wood in the forest. As a substitute for any actual wood chopping, why not just invest in a woodsy scent, with one of these musky beard balms with scents of pine, sandalwood, and cedar. Here are some of our faves.

1. Grave Before Shave Aphrodisiac


Also available in beard oil form, Grave Before Shave’s Aphrodisiac scent is an absolute classic. With all the natural ingredients that makes the brand’s balms so effective, Aphrodisiac tames and protects your beard while tackling frizz and fly-aways.

Goodbye frizzy, wiry beards with dry skin showing through. Hello beards that look and smell unbelievable.

Product overview:

Size: 2oz
Scent: Leather and