10 Top Beard Styles For A Round Face

Alex Cutler

A well-groomed beard style can work wonders for your appearance.

Whether you’re hoping to look more rugged, elegant, trendy, or sophisticated, a beard can tick all of the right boxes.

But it’s important to remember that your beard is attached to your face.

(They kind of come as a package deal.)

And every face is different.

Different beard types are better suited to certain face shapes, and finding the perfect beard style is crucial to rocking killer facial hair. If you have a round face you might be struggling to find a beard style that complements your features and chisels your jawline.

We have good news. Your search is over.

Below are 10 of the best beard styles for round face shapes. Let’s take a look, shall we?

First things first - do you actually have a round face?

We all have funny opinions of our appearances that might not be shared by other people. So, when you’re looking for the best beard styles for round faces, it’s worth double-checking if your face is actually as round as you might think it is.

Fortunately, there are a few quick checks you can make to see if your face is actually round, focused on the forehead, chin and cheeks.

Face area Signs of a round face
Forehead Is it rounded and relatively short in size?
Chin and jawline Do you have a pronounced chin and chiselled jawline, or do these blend into one with a round shape?
Cheeks Are the sides of your cheeks curved instead of being straight?

If you answered ‘no’...

Then chances are your face isn’t as round as you might think. The below styles could still work well for you, especially if you already have pronounced facial features, but it could be worth looking futher into diagnosing the shape of your face.

If you answered ‘yes’...

It’s likely you have a round face. Don’t sweat though - there are a number of beard styles for round faces that will have you looking better than ever. And if you’re on a quest for a chiselled jawline, careful styling and shaving of your beard style can make your jaw appear more pronounced.

The classic goatee

The goatee is one of the best beard styles for round faces.

This iconic beard is great for achieving a more angular look because of its placement. Plus, it’s super easy to maintain, which is always a bonus.

To grow a classic goatee, you’ll just need to grow your beard to a decent length and then shave your cheeks and neckline.

Make sure that you take your time with this process. Nobody wants to re-grow an entire beard because they were a little too reckless with the razor.

Find a goatee beard style that you like, and use slow and careful movements with your razor to shave away the excess hair.

Voila. Goatee beard completed. Awesome beard style attained.

The key to a fashionable goatee is proper maintenance. Use a trimmer to keep your beard well-groomed and neat, particularly around your lower lip and jaw.

This will help to create a sharp jawline and redefine your face shape.

When it comes to keeping your goatee healthy and happy, just apply a couple of drops of beard oil every day. Since the goatee is a smaller beard, it won’t take much to maintain those soft and glossy bristles.

The well-defined chin strap

A chin strap beard is a brilliant way to add some clear definition to the bottom of a round face shape. It’s a simple beard style, but it’s highly effective.

To achieve the chin strap look, you’ll need to trim your beard to create thin sideburns that run alongside the jawline and connect at the chin.

It’s very important to maintain a consistent length across your chin strap - otherwise, it’s going to look uneven. And frankly, a little odd.

(Source: haircutinspiration.com)

To keep your chin strap neat and tidy, use an electric trimmer (with a guard) to define the edges and shave away any straggling hairs.

There’s no need to rush this process, so slowly remove hairs until you achieve the perfect width for your sideburns.

A couple of drops of beard oil will keep your chin strap soft and easily manageable. If you want to style it, a small amount of beard balm or wax will provide a natural hold.

The clean short boxed beard

If you’re a fan of the shape of chin straps and goatees but feel like these beard styles are a little bare, then the short boxed beard is the perfect solution.

This style combines the goatee and chin strap to create a square beard that’s great for sharpening the edges of a round face shape.

To style the short boxed beard style, shave the hair from your cheeks and trim your sideburns carefully to create well-defined lines.

Your sideburns will connect with your goatee, so make sure that everything is groomed to an even length for a clean look.

(Source: beardresource.com)

The short boxed beard style is a highly versatile look.

You can experiment with thicker sideburns or thin lines, and trim the length of your goatee to your liking. Check out some popular beard styles online to find the perfect look.

The old-school stubble beard

You don’t necessarily need an extravagant display of fancy facial hair to define a round face shape.

Sometimes, a simple beard style is best. And it doesn’t get much simpler than stubble.

A stubble beard is highly versatile and can make a bold statement or deliver a subtle effect depending on the length.

Even better, stubble is incredibly easy to maintain. All you need is an electric shaver, a steady hand, and a passion for trendy facial hair.

To transform a full beard into slimming stubble, just figure out the length you’d like your stubble to be (usually around 2mm) and attach the right guard to your trimmer.

(Source: gqindia.com)

Shave down your beard to the desired length, and use the blade of the trimmer to tidy the edges and remove any pesky stray hairs.

Heavy stubble that’s slightly longer will be naturally darker, which is great for defining the edges of your face and creating a more pointed look.

The neat corporate beard

The corporate beard style is a slight variation on the short boxed beard, with the only difference being the addition of hair on the cheeks.

The corporate beard style is great for squaring off the bottom of the jaw and adding definition to round faces.

Plus, it’s the perfect style for office environments. This beard says ‘I’m a well-groomed and professional businessman, but I’m also rocking this majestic facial hair, so deal with it.’

(Source: milkmanaustralia.com)

As always, proper beard upkeep is very important for the corporate look.

You’ll need to keep your moustache and cheeks neatly trimmed to maintain a well-defined shape and prevent your beard from becoming unkempt.

Hairs can start growing unevenly after a few weeks, so stay vigilant with your trimmer to make sure that you maintain that clean style.

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The refined balbo

The balbo beard is like the eccentric, distant cousin of the goatee who only appears sporadically at family parties.

The balbo adds a floating moustache above the classic goatee, delivering a bold look that feels both sophisticated and a little whimsical.

It’s a brilliant option for a round face shape because the moustache and goatee combination immediately draws attention to the chin area and creates a focal point.

You can keep both goatee and moustache short for a tidier beard, or allow them to grow out if you’re a fan of the debonair musketeer look.

Much like the goatee, the balbo is also easy to maintain.

There isn’t too much hair to manage, so you just need to keep the edges trimmed and the length even. If you’re keen to grow a longer balbo beard, you can also use a sculpting balm or beard wax to style your hair and hold it in place.

The classic old dutch

If you’re a fan of longer beard styles, there are plenty of heavy-duty beard types that are perfect for complementing a round face. And if you’re looking for a beard that will capture attention, it doesn’t get much better than the classic old dutch.

The old dutch is one of the most timeless beard styles, and uses thick hair growth to square your chin and define the edges of your face.

This is an old-school full beard, but there’s a reason that it’s lasted the test of time. It’s bold, brave, and beautiful.

The old dutch beard connects the sideburns and curves around the jaw, with growth that flares out at the bottom of your face.

(Source: jawgiant.com)

The old dutch doesn’t typically include a moustache, so you can shave your upper lip clean. Instead, the sideburns, chin beard, and jawline are the main attraction.

As this is a slightly longer full beard style, it does take a fair amount of upkeep. Be prepared to etch out your cheek lines with a trimmer and add the finishing touches with a pair of beard scissors.

Also, be sure to use enough beard oil to keep your old dutch healthy and hydrated. Longer bristles can dry out quickly, so stick to a thorough beard-care regime!

The distinctive french fork

Looking to make an unforgettable statement with your beard? Not satisfied with boring bristles or standard styles?

The french fork is reserved for only the most adventurous full beard-lovers and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

To achieve the french fork you’ll need some substantial beard growth, as well as styling products to create the iconic ‘fork’ shape.

(Source: menshairforum.com)

As you’re growing the french fork, every area except your chin will be groomed as usual. Keep your cheek lines tidy, trim your moustache, and remove stray hairs.

When it comes to the chin hair, keep the length longer to create a pointed ‘v-shape’ at the bottom of your face.

You can then use a comb and scissors to separate the beard hairs under your chin and define the distinguished french fork.

It goes without saying that the french fork is the ideal shape of beard for a round face because all of the attention will be directed toward your magnificent chin hair.

If you’re committing to the french fork we’d also recommend carrying a