Are Beard Trimmers Allowed in Carry on Luggage?

Alex Cutler

Planning a vacation? You don’t want to forget a beard trimmer, my hairy friend.

Speaking from personal experience, not carrying a beard-trimming kit with you on a trip will either make you look scruffy or cost you both time and money. Vacationing is all about relaxing, enjoying, taking those insta-worthy portraits, and exploring. You need time to chill and you want to look your absolute best.

Imagine waking up in the morning while you’re on vacay and the first thing you’ve got to do is to find a barber shop. Now why would you do anything that leads you to that? It’s a costly affair. It’s a hassle. A real vibe killer.

The other option? You could just shave it off. But nobody wants that. And you’ll still have to carry a disposable or electric razor.

Which leaves us with one final option - bringing a beard trimmer along with you. But are you allowed to take a beard trimmer in your luggage? What rules do you need to follow? If you’ve got questions about last-minute, cumbersome security checks, don’t worry - we’ve got you.

Are Beard Trimmers Allowed in Carry on Luggage?

Beard trimmers are good to go in carry-on bags. In other words, you can pack a beard trimmer in either your hand or checked luggage, whatever suits you best. We also suggest reading TSA’s rules beforehand so you know exactly what else to pack in your carry-on and checked baggage.

What Does TSA Say About Beard Trimmers?

TSA’s (Transport Security Administration) official website doesn’t explicitly mention anything about beard trimmers but does allow electric razors in carry on baggage. The two terms for these gadgets are often used interchangeably but there’s a technical difference involved. The bearded folk will know.

More Insight Into TSA Rules

The good thing is that TSA’s Twitter handle, @AskTSA, regularly answers passenger queries under their official tweets. One dude named Julian asked them about carrying a beard trimmer in 2019. This is how it went:


Earlier this year, in August 2022, a person named Ali triggered an answer that provided better insight.


While this holds true for flights within or international flights departing the US, you must also pay heed to the following statement:

“The final decision on whether an item will or won’t be allowed through always rests with the on-duty TSA security officers.”

You’ll notice this precautionary disclaimer at multiple spots on the TSA website. For instance, here’s what Transport Security Administration says about taking electric razors in checked luggage or carry on bag:


TSA’s security measures are in place to keep people safe. It’s important for passengers to cooperate, plan ahead, and pack properly for hassle-free security screening. You must also realise that items that are generally permitted may also be subjected to further screening if need be.

What About Rechargeable Beard Trimmers? Are They Allowed?

Beard trimmers, corded or cordless, are both allowed in carry-on and checked bags. Since the battery inside a beard trimmer is relatively small, there’s no reason for you to worry about it.

Beard so unruly that you need a hedge-trimmer to keep it in shape? You won’t be allowed to take that in your luggage. But you should probably consider taking one of these:

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The following answer by @AskTSA on Twitter should clear up any confusion you might have:


For more insight on carrying portable electronic devices, TSA suggests going through FAA regulations on lithium ion batteries.

Wrapping Up

To sum it all up — yes, beard trimmers, electric razors, disposable razors, rechargeable or not, cord or cordless beard trimmer, hair clippers, they’re all allowed in your carry on bags. Unless you have a very unconventional-looking electric beard trimmer, you should have no problem carrying it in hand luggage. Stay sharp and dapper, you beautiful hairy bloke.


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