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Mane Tamer – Beard Care Kit

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Maintain your mane with Mission Beard’s ultimate beard care kit, packed with:

1x 100% natural boar bristle beard brush
1x pearwood dual-toothed beard comb
1x your choice of beard oil

Instant aesthetic enhancer!
“After brushing my beard, massaging the oil into it and combing it through I can immediately tell the difference. Took me far too long to get round to grooming my beard and I had gotten used to my dry, curly beard but this kit is a game changer!”

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Tame Your
Mane with
Mission Beard’s

Unruly, itchy, dry beard? Man, have
we got a treat for you. Introducing
mane-tamer, our first all-in-one
beard care kit containing everything
you need to soften, smooth and
control even the most unruly
of beards. Let’s go.

3 Products. 1 Kit. Bang for your bearded buck.

Here’s what you get:

1x boar bristle beard brush

High-quality natural beech wood

Hand-crafted, laser-engraved handle

Premium boar bristles

1x natural pearwood comb

Convenient pocket size

Dual-teeth for maximum effect

High-quality laser engraved
logo and slogan

Your choice of beard oil

All-natural ingredients

Fragrance blend of 12+ essential oils

Hand-made in small batches by
cosmetics professionals

What Makes Our Beard Oil Badass

Sweet almond oil

nourishes, potects
and repairs skin.

Jojoba oil

hydrates skin and hair to lock
in moisturise and stop itching.

Exactly 13 hand-selected essential oils

including cinnamomum zeylanicum leaf,
vanilla planifolia fruit and myrtus communis leaf.

Argan oil

softens hair and brings life
back to dull, dry beards.

Inca inchi oil

widely considered the richest plant-based
source of fatty acids and vitamins
essential to hair growth.

Rice bran oil

silky texture, with easy absorption
to prevent unnecessary

Vitamin E

natural antioxidant effects reduce
hair breakage and prmote stronger,
thicker, faster growth.

Choices, Choices… Which beard oil to go for?

Our range of premium beard oils is hand-crafted in small batches,
with all-natural ingredients hand-picked for their beardy benefits.
Here’s the low-down:

El Presidente
Beard Oil

A fresh, woodsy scent with notes of cedarwood, vetiver and citrus.

True North
Beard Oil

A punchy, citrus scent with notes of lemon, bergamot and cedarwood.

Beard Oil

A rich, complex, classy scent with notes of cinnamon, hops and whiskey.

How to Use Our Beard oil

1. Soap up, sucker

Use a gentle beard soap, wash or
shampoo as required to remove dirt and
any lingering beard care products from
your beard. Be careful that the water isn’t
too hot, as this can damage your beard
hair. And nobody wants that.

2. Gently towel-dry

Press the towel gently into your
face to soak up the majority of
the water.

3. Apply a few drops of oil

Use the dropper to get some beard oil
into your palms. 3-4 drops for a short
beard and work up as required.

5. Rub into your beard

To get the best, most even oil coverage, work
the oil into your beard using a high-quality
boar-bristle beard brush.

4. Massage into your palms

Evenly distribute the oil between
your fingers and the centre
of your palms.

How Your Beard Will Benefit

Free from scratchy plastic

Plastic brushes might seem like they’re getting the job done at the start but in the long-run, they’re going to do you much more harm than good. Plastic bristles look round to the human eye, but on a microscopic level, they’re jagged, meaning they’ll scratch your hair. As a result, we’ve vowed to never use plastic in our products.

Take control of your growth

You can control and guide the direction of your beard growth with the right tool. This is that tool. Simply by brushing once a day, previously bushy, wavy and out-of-control beards can be tamed and trained to grow in a set direction.

Banish beard itch for good

The boar bristles in our brush penetrate through layers of hair to exfoliate the skin underneath and evenly distribute both natural sebaceous and beard oils, allowing for even coverage and stopping itching
in its tracks.

100% Premium boar bristles

Mission Beard’s Beard Brush and Comb Kit is made from 100% natural mid-cut boar bristles, meaning they’re firm enough to get the job done perfectly but soft enough to not pull at hairs or scratch underlying skin.

Make your beard kissably softer

Our Beard Brush and Comb Kit is packaged in a premium, custom box, making it a perfect gift for the bearded man in your life, or even just for yourself. Come on, you know you deserve it – treat yourself.

Premium branded packaging

Our Beard Brush and Comb Kit is packaged in a premium, custom box, making it a perfect gift for the bearded man in your life, or even just for yourself. Come on, you know you deserve it – treat yourself.

Perfect for the man on the move

Our brush is designed to fit neatly into a washkit, and the comb is the perfect size for your pocket, giving you convenient access to grooming on the go.

Reduce breakage and make your beard stronger

Regular beard brush use is known to strengthen beard hairs and fortify them against external environmental damage. Work it into your daily grooming routine, and you’ll grow a bigger, stronger beard that grows more uniformly and requires less maintenance.

Why you need our beard comb

Free from Plastic

No scratchy plastic, end of. We only use
natural pearwood to create a smooth,
effective comb that’s kind on your skin
and great for your beard.

Pairs Perfectly with beard oil

Our comb’s firm but gentle teeth
are ideal for ensuring even beard oil
distribution so you get the most
possible benefit.

Dual-Size Teeth

For beards, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why
we’ve created dual-size teeth – one for
removing knots and one for fine combing
and grooming.

Conveniently pocket-sized

Our comb fits snugly into your
pocket, making it a great choice for
grooming on the go.

Why Mission Beard’s Beard Oil?

Good question – we’ve got a couple good
reasons tucked up our sleeves.

Sustainable Ingredients, Recyclable Packaging.

The boys at Mission Beard care about the planet. That’s why we only use sustainable ingredients, and insist on recyclable packaging wherever possible (even though it costs us a little more).

All of Mission Beard’s products are 100% natural, too. We don’t water our oils down with dangerous ingredients or cut corners with artificial fragrances. So, when you buy our oil, rest assured that its ingredients have grown out of the ground and have been hand-picked for their beard benefits.

Rigorous Testing and Development

You deserve the best beard care products you can get, which is why we’ve literally spent years planning and developing our range. They’ve all been fully lab-tested (on beards, not animals) in lengthy trials to make sure they measure up against the EU cosmetic regulations. When you buy from Mission Beard, you’re getting top quality products packed with bearded benefits.


11 reviews for Mane Tamer – Beard Care Kit

  1. Marshall R.

    Great brush, comb gets the tangles out and the oil smells great. Played it safe with the citrus scent oil but you can tell it’s great quality.

  2. Lewis H.

    Good value for money

    For like a fiver more than their usual brush and comb price you get an oil too. Great packaging and great value for a Christmas gift so I bought a green one for my brother and this one for myself. Looks premium… feels and smells exactly that.

  3. Ben H.

    My first beard brush so I can’t compare it to any others but I do know it works and guarantee you it makes a difference. Beard feels so much fuller – I’m one of those beard stroking thinkers now don’t @ me. Underdog (Cinnamon and Vanilla) was an obvious choice for me!

  4. Marcus Y

    Quality kit

    Oil: Smells great – strong but not overwhelming. Lasts my entire working day then will top up if I have evening plans.

    Brush: Seems to soften and fill out the patchiness in my beard.. Good quality.

    Comb: Gets the job done and polishes off a great look!

  5. Sam S

    Brushes and oils both decent

    Apply the oil straight after my morning shower, comb it in and I’m good to go. Scent lasts throughout the day and my beard looks darker and fuller.

  6. Nina T

    Best gift for my husband

    After a fresh beard trim at the barbers and making good use of this kit my husbands previously unbearable beard now looks and smells great

  7. Jacob P

    Works for me!

    My beard isn’t quite long enough to need the comb but the oil smells fantastic and the brush seems to fill my beard out a little.

  8. Malcolm R

    Does what it says on the box

    Lost my old brush when moving home so looked online for a new one. Saw this kit for like a fiver more than just a brush so thought it be rude not to go for it. Last brush definitely wasn’t boar bristle and you can really tell the difference in quality. First time trying beard oil so can’t compare to any others but it smells nice and makes my beard much softer.

  9. Jay G

    Instant aesthetic enhancer!

    After brushing my beard, massaging the oil into it and combing it through I can immediately tell the difference. Took me far too long to get round to grooming my beard and I had gotten used to my dry, curly beard but this kit is a game changer!

  10. Ajay Patel (verified owner)

    Absolutely awrsome product 👌🏾💯. The smell of the citrus oil is amazing. It doesn’t leave your man mane greasy but it leaves it soft the whole fmday long. Used with the brush my beard has now started to straighten out. The service has been second to none too. Have been kept in contact with since I made my purchase and suffice to say, I will defo be buying again from you! Keep up the awesome work guys and you, can defo count on my custom 🤙🏾🤙🏾

  11. Martyn Peacock

    Being beardy has never been more popular and there are so many products online it’s confusing, well look no further. I went for the mane tamer kit, including comb, brush and oil and I couldn’t be more happy, they are excellent products well made and the oil has made a real difference, I highly recommend these products and company, what’s more the service has been truly exceptional. So what are you waiting for….

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El Presidente – punchy citrus and cedarwood, Underdog – cinnamon, vanilla and tobacco, True North – fresh and woodsy with a hint of bergamot

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